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I do want andy. It's it is hard for me to make a decision on who. I want andy to pit because again. I don't want how and pbc to continue to do all the heavy lifting and in being the ones to find. Luis ortiz defy like this plenty of other heavyweights in the world. Why isn't dillion white fighting. Luis ortiz. why. Isn't you know a joseph parker colon out of luis ortiz. You know an oscar redis you know. Why does it have to be an andy. So i am in a bit of iraq and a hard place now. I do understand. This is in house. Luis ortiz. andy. Ruiz its in house but i think that the last time andy was offered to dylan white fight. It was a five million dollar offer. And we seem to andy ruiz pay per view which was promoted by pbc. I don't know could that have been done better. If it's dillion away. And andy ruis and it's on disown. Does it get a better promotion. Does he get some fireworks. Are the wind ring walks. Better do they get to have a better. You know someone to walk them out. That's a little popular. I don't know what what will be the differences. Between andy ruiz's deleon white promoted by zone matchroom versus luis ortiz. And andy ruis. Pbc promoted fight. Which will be the bigger fight which will do more or wonders for aindi ruis fantastic news man friendy though i mean you know very rare to be in this sort of situation where bo for your options are are fan friendly options that the fans will both be content. I think if you fight dillion. I mean a lot of people were happy. If you fight lewis. A lot of people are happy. I i just don't see the wrong in either choice. I do say it is difficult for me to make a choice for many many reasons but someone in a chat had a very good thought. And i will make a poll. Who.

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