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But it seems like they are hundreds of thousands of essentially auto generated videos explicitly deliberately iin the kids are usually these are things where that that did not completely generated by algorithm because they felt very much kind of in that direction and set up a quite disturbing inner solve unfailing robotic slightly unpleasant image recalled by you've got i'm things wave children's cartoon characters going to the dentist since screaming about it and then a bunch of disembodied heads singing a song about discipline cutting edge run a lot seoul with with but this is very kind of disturbing so of edge say base thinks the titles of these videos are fifty words loan as they will just kate meaningless words solid of key words that will show up in searches and it seems to be very much iin dr parents who will go okay well his the ipod three year old you can now watch videos on a buyback just type in the night hick had gathered to sleep all type play for a bad i'm so excited coming up high that kind of search and showing up as the automatic next play video conferencing i i and beat these are all counting some of the some of these videos are acted out by paypal so this those human import into this but it's a very so of straily disturbing edge to a low of these things cut a metallic robotics we it feel and he think why more of these things doing here at do we really one four lines as i in front of them it's it's it's probably some weighed artists not out of the aids age way too big b one could say that there are what are said hundreds of thousands of these i wasn't kidding it's not and many of them has lilian zoos and how which yelm cell guerrero h today's abdel seen this they said videos that basically just creepy and wait for kids right in that deliberately designed to be creepy advocate well let's get his argument either deliberately designed to get adc lakes in their mostly algorithm it the leap piece together in weird ways yeah it kind of actually other article in that the web is becoming aware these are hostile he asks aides.

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