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White House is keeping up the pressure on China over covert nineteen White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany held her first briefing Friday afternoon and said China handled the outbreak poorly starting late last year they did not share the genetic sequence Intel a professor in Shanghai did so on his own the very next day China shut down as a lab for quote rectification of a slow locked information on human to human transmission alongside the World Health Organization and didn't let US investigators and at a very important time so we take displeasure with China's actions president trump is calling on China to financially compensate those impacted by Kobe nineteen but China calls the president's demands political farce we get more now from CBS news chief Washington correspondent major Garrett talked about the issue of China generally with another voice in the American political conversation Colorado democratic governor Jerry Polish the first question we posed was not only what is China's accountability but how it might become something of a political issue as the campaign develops I don't need to tell you but China has already become a political football in this is it possible to discuss with China failed to do and its unwillingness to live up to international commitments without politicizing it yeah I think it's important discuss what China failed to do along with what United States failed to do in Europe failed to do the World Health Organization failed to do I don't think it's a time to point fingers at one another there's a lot of blame to go around and I think discussing the blame the China deserves in the same context is the blame the United States is serves the World Health Organization is R. as in Europe deserves is very appropriate what from your vantage point governor did China failed to do well there was a look like there are some short term delays in reporting initially perhaps failing to acknowledge the seriousness of this threat and again that's the same thing American leaders did the same thing many European leaders stand so I don't think it stems from a nefarious place I think it stems from human psychology we liked and I'll humans love denial we like to deny that this is a enormous threat and Chinese leaders react in a way that wasn't too different than early comments by our own president American leaders and by many European leaders minimizing the threat and the danger not taking early action is needed to counter it an ongoing conversation this quote in this country about covert nineteen is the availability of testing and what states are doing to reach that in Colorado governor polls to set a new goal for that state by the end of the month of may we discuss that with them as well you set a goal for the end of may in Colorado eight thousand five hundred tests per day is that doable or do you think you might be able to exceed that I don't think we can exceed it we have a number of suppliers we've imported a hundred thousand tests from South Korea successfully we should be starting the month of may at about five thousand plus hopefully ending the month of may run eighty five hundred to ten thousand per day as needed as needed you mentioned South Korea there was also reporting that the federal government had promised supplies by may first have you received those supplies and why did you need to go to South Korea yes this is the very first major supply drop that's been promised from the federal government I think that first week in may is what they told us they had calls with all fifty states they've let us know what to expect during may of course we can't count on until we've seen it but we had of course tell us our own supply lines we have the innovation group we brought in private sector leaders public sector leaders and we've been able to purchase our own testing from South Korea a Colorado democratic governor Jerry call us with CBS chief Washington correspondent major Garrett president Donald Trump has named a new ambassador to Ukraine it's Keith Dayton the senior U. S. defense advisor to Ukraine who serve in the army for forty years the U. the US Ukrainian relationship has been the focus of intense scrutiny after president trump's dealings with the country's sparked impeachment proceedings in Congress and the US has not had an ambassador in Ukraine since Marie Evanovich was recalled from her post last year it's eleven forty four at eleven forty five sports at fifteen and forty five brought to you by your local Honda dealer don't settle for less than a Honda two days after being released by the Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton has signed with the Dallas Cowboys Dalton is from Texas and played his college ball at TCU now according to ESPN's Adam Schefter the deal includes three million dollars guaranteed in twenty twenty with incentives that could get him to seven million dollars compare that to Jameis Winston who signed a deal with New Orleans this past week to back up drew Brees that contract one point one million base salary nine hundred fifty two thousand dollars signing bonus of one hundred and forty eight thousand dollars and a possible three point four million dollars in incentives now Dalton is being signed to back up dak Prescott but was contract numbers kind of suggest that if dak falters who knows Dallas isn't committed long term to deck they did franchise tag him back in March now the biggest name quarterback still left on the free agent market cam Newton the patriots and Jaguars have both been discussed as possible destinations I'm Christiane thirty two piece ports thank you Chris coming up after traffic and weather the future of a historic DC restaurant is in question because of the.

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