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You can prioritize messages or keep messages in accuse that then get livered later on. But anyway, so that's that's the relying raising rose to no, but Ross to the Ross to messaging system is built on top of DDS yet. That's what I noticed. I'm waiting to find out if anybody is using Ross too. I'm excited to get you know, get in there. I've been waiting. I really want the introspection tools to come online before. I kinda make that dive. So that's what I'm excited for. Yeah. Wait, he was talking about things that people have done. We don't. You know? So I've seen some folks playing with piping out the quad turn-ins from the MU, which are which are published on the on the messaging system, and we have hooks in there on our get lab page, if you just go to get lab Ford slash opener Lovie, there's some sample code for a native app that will run on the vehicle. This would be the equivalent of a Ross node for for those with Ross parlance, and there's a wifi. We don't use the WI fi module inside the raspberry pi all the time. And so the idea was that people could bolt on payloads to the bottom of the V. And then use that wifi, and it turns out going back on my RF doesn't transmit through water. Very well. Just how far does too. You've got a little bit of water like maybe a little water interface between your two housing's. You can you can pass millimeters is okay. Yeah. Yeah. But if you really wanted to bolt something on and seal, it that would be even better, and yeah, because it's a raspberry pi it's it's running Lennox. The root password to vehicle might start with an open end with an RO v. Leave it to people to guess with that could be. Other. Yeah. Opposite r v ostrich are Lovie. Okay. So so payloads, actually, I heard you speak it a pilot. He's event and one of the things that kind of just I didn't understand before your presentation was buoyancy. Yeah, thinking, okay. So when you add a payload to a flying drone your battery goes way, down your maneuverability way down at all. I mean, it's it's such a cool idea to have taco copters, but it's not fishing. It's fine. But with with the opener, AVI, nobody wants to talk. Oh. Really as you flew through the air. What is hitting the talk air, hopefully, not bugs or birds. Tummy about hope buoyancy is important here. Yeah. Well, so I mean in theory, you couldn't get away with just putting something that's very heavy and negatively buoyant or very light, and positively buoyant on the vehicle, but then you're going to be fighting that natural tendency for vehicle to rise or to sink in the water. So to to keep your your batteries, happy and not drain the system, you wanna have something that's neutrally buoyant. So you can if you were to add a payload that is negatively buoyant and heavy maybe underwater at weighs one pound then you'd need to add some equivalent amount of buoyancy to making bigger plastic housing. So you could put a bit of air in there. Yeah. Or attaching external foam their different in the world of underwater vehicles. There's a whole set of folks who who just think about foam and buoyancy, and how do you make these foams that are going to not? Compress survive, many many hundreds of of PSI pressure, and then that's less dense than water. So if you tach that to your vehicle. You're you're affectively adding flotation to it. But they're compression is important..

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