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Daniel make for the as when eighty three runs on six it's two walks five strikeouts in he got his sixth win on the year lows zero below three two two nine one which is pretty good for him the cubs beat the mets in the first game of this four game weekend series in new york five to one was the final jose cantata finally pitching the way the mets cubs kind of were hoping he would when they signed him or after the trade he went six innings loud no runs three hits to walk six strikeouts for the win their cantata pitching very nicely the cubs got a home run from ben zobrist his fourth on the season and brennan emo hit his six in the year for the mets as he continues to hit well but that was the only run the mets could scratch across in this one the cardinals beat the pirates in a wild wild game in saint louis last night ten to eight was the final they did win on a walk off home run but that was after they scored two runs already in the inning to make it eight two seven and scored the the one the game on a three run walk off home run by yaro mu knows that scored marceau's in luke weaver to win the game for for the cardinals that was the only one home run in the game for for the cardinals jordan bell sorry yeah that's josh bell hit his fourth aveer persona survey his a this jordan bella hits a basketball player the pirates got a couple of home runs in this one but the got the losses people him was not the pirates scored four runs in the top of the eighth inning to make it to make it eight to eight to five they were down five four and they scored four in the aid to make it eight to five and then ended up giving five friends of five runs in the in the bottom of the ninth inning to make.

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