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Any through lines between obama and and trump uh what i see is uh the american people now questioning whether the level of us leadership that we've engaged in the blood and treasure that we've put forward to um establish and maintain this liberal world order is still worth it to them um you know i'm concerned that the the president's line that somehow we've been ripped off in the steel is getting a lot salience on factory floors and it can table in the same way president obama took the lessons from the mistakes that were made in iraq that america's net not really good at this stuff and therefore we shouldn't try or we should do last and a place like syria um than some of us would have wanted on the frontend so that we would have had less bad result later like the rise of isis like the a huge refugee flows that you students europe that fascinating me up from your first hand experience of working with uh dick cheney i mean you know you didn't come out of that saying uh the use of force is is is is not a good idea uh i came out of its saying use it well use it prudently and have an exit strategy that in fall this a political and diplomatic solution um you know like a car in the camp of the screwed it up as opposed to uh it's a broader lesson i i think diplomacy backed by forces is the right model up but when you're going to employer military you better planet well and you better understand what you're risking american blood and treasure four but you don't do them a service our young men and women who choose to serve and we have a voluntary force of course if you are not using all the tools of american power to support them including their exit strategy i mean when the military employs is because diplomacy has failed right so we've already failed at our job if you have to use the military tool so then our job becomes had he used that diplomatic tool to ensure that they don't have to stay forever or to ensure that the situation doesn't go back or get worse as it didn't iraq when we withdrew all right so we're sitting here at the cna ask kitchen table or something that that.

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