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Grit. Well. For being useless. Number two, STAN. Nikola yokich. Denver Nuggets center is currently tied with LeBron James for seventh in the NBA in assists at seven point seven a center has not been in the top ten in assists. Since Wilt Chamberlain was second in the league fifty one years ago. Joker. Stealth. And the number one nugget from STAN Van Gundy this week is I'm going to go with one of my former guys here last year. Andre Drummond became only the second player in the past twenty six years to average fifteen points and fifteen rebounds in season. Now, he is on pace to become the first player to do it in back to back seasons. Since Moses Malone forty years ago. Can you guys? Can you guys? Find for me. The worst fifty point scorer in the history of the sport Derrick rose is it Willie. Burton burton. Tracy Tracy Murray who was a bench guy outta his whole career. Got fifty actually the timber wolves have a bunch of weird fifty point scores mobile. Did it recently Derrick rose just did it and Corey brewer who I didn't think was capable of doing? It has a fifty point. Brewer has a fifty point game. Wait a minute does not get fifty against an guy gardening should be out of the league. Take care of put on the poll. Blades is Mike Ryan a dirty liar by claiming. Brewers scored fifty Darren Williams. Terrance williams. Williams was good for a long time. What what's the most surprising Dana Barros Alonzo Mourning? I I was there for those fifty it was against George Murison. And so just kept running down the middle of the floor. George could not catching. It was pretty bad. Makes sense Corey brewer scored fifty one points against the rockets in two thousand fourteen Corey brewers are shooting guard. It's offensive matchup. When James harden? Mike. Would you be kind enough please define for us? Kevin McHale talking about how it is. The James harden went about getting him fired at every turn we will play that after twenty three and me add we will play for you that sound of Kevin McHale talking about James harden on defense. I just want to make sure everyone knows that Sanders. Made an argument potentially for James harden being out of the league. That's right. That's what just happened. Hold that thought. Let's sell some ads. We will get to that sound Kevin McHale telling.

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