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Crash in south seattle and happen just four six this evening while martin luther king junior waste south in south edmund street officers say to people were taken to harborview medical center no word of their conditions detectives still trying to figure out what led up the shooting and the crash department of homeland security now confirms what washington election officials have suspected for months spokesman eric idele says russians tried to hack our voter database none of our information was breached in here in washington state the department of homeland security confirmed with our security official that those attempts were all blocking del says the secretary of state's office is working closely with homeland security to spotted fixed weaknesses in the computers that help we're on our elections she del says there's no indication of what the russians were after or how many times they tried to get in all the dino rossi entering the race for congress now it bolsters the gop chances of hanging onto their seed even though the eighth district hasn't voted for republican president since 1988 former state party chair kirby wilbur democrats get very fr arctic as they keep thing orgy of hillary clinton wins their nomination win well it's not that way they're very independent minded and they have like the national republicans but they liked the local republicans they've elected rod chandler they've elected jennifer done they've elected dave reichert three very different kinds of republicans and despite all the demographic changes the redistricting they keep saying republicans who else sunday dole rossi of the congress and the democrats we first rating at eu democrats are already on the attack pointing out some of rossi's most controversial votes while in the state legislature to even highlighting his three failed campaigns for governor and senator former see you of starbucks to seal the united states cobbles charlie harger tells us about the growing speculation how schultz may run for president shelled stepped.

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