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Once. Chris figured out what Luca needed that bond was unbreakable and this was important as a good connection is key to a bomb. Sniffing dogs success. Nothing can replace. What a well trained? Canine can bring to a team. Although nearly nineteen eighteen billion dollars have been spent trying to develop better explosive detection technology. Nothing has been able to top a dog's natural abilities. He's part of. This is because of a canines amazing. No's Columbia University's doke Nisshin researcher. Alexandra Horowitz it's explained smells have different layers which probably give dogs a much bigger range of types of information in other words if someone were to put but three strongly scented objects together a human might only noticed the blend but dogs can pick out the individual smells and even determine how much time has passed since they were each left. This means that dogs can smell the chemical components. That make up improvised is explosive devices or homemade bombs they can pick up the scent even if the bombmaker tries to mask them with other smells and they can find find the weapons four times faster than human bomb detectors and with over fifty percent more accuracy however the job was still risky especially because Luka was trained to work off leash in other words she was able to range around following following her nose wherever it took her without restraints. Chris had no way to physically prevent her from running off through a minefield instead. She had to stay disciplined willing to follow any verbal command. Right left stay. Luckily Lou Cabrera was highly intelligent and a quick student. Chris had nothing but confidence in the dog even as they shipped off to Baghdad. Chris Luca were deployed in two thousand seven. The deadliest year for marines Iraq Lucas first deployment was sure to be a trial by fire. They landed on April twenty third two thousand seven precisely one year after they'd first been assigned to one another compared to an ordinary bomb-sniffing dog who can hit the field off six to eight weeks. Lucas extended training period was an eternity but in reality Hell Year of preparation was appropriate for the high level skills. She developed to work off Leash Zhou as Maria Gudava jr explained in her book. Top Dog the story of marine hero. Luca if standard working dogs have bachelor's degrees specialized such dogs have PhD's and Lucas soon demonstrated that she brought more to the table than her bomb-sniffing abilities almost as soon as she in. Chris arrived at their new home. Base members of the platoon approached the team to Pat Lucas head. And scratch her is. She was happy to greet her visitors with a smile and a wagging tail her good attitude was infectious but Chris didn't realize allies how valuable her positive demeanor was until his first night Camp Falcon. He was awakened before dawn by the sound of alarms and explosions. Enemies were lobbing mortar shells toward the base. Chris scrambled awake slid slid harness onto Luka and sprinted to the nearest shelter as he shut the door behind him. He faced a sea of scared soldiers. But as soon as they saw the dog they all relaxed she offered just the comfort they needed during the attack while they waited for the all clear each soldier one by one pet her and shared stories of their own beloved pets back home. The encounter in the shelter was just one of many times. That Lucas Demeanor helped morale. She also provided stability while on patrol. Chris Luca abair were initially assigned to accompany an army platoon as they fought for control of the Tigris river which flowed south of Baghdad it Luca more than rose to the occasion as she and Chris searched along the banks she identified at least two improvised explosive explosive devices. Or I-I DIS Chris Signal to the troops behind him. They cleared the area before activating the bombs. Making the land. Unsafe one small. It was the first of many victories fluker during her first deployment. She identified dozens of weapon cash hash as an IEP DIS. She was so successful. She was deployed a second time in October. Two Thousand Eight this time accompanying Chris too deep Aena in southern Iraq. During the two tours there were no fatalities or human injuries. Under Lucas. Watch her work was thorir. She demonstrated incredible focus in the field and she was always at Christie's side when they patrolled rolled when they practiced and when they slept Chris came to feel like Luca was an extension of himself he even earned the nickname name dot guy from some members of his platoon. Who didn't know his real name? He didn't mind. He was proud to be associated with Luca Bear. It was during this second tour that Chris got to know one word Rigas who went by the nickname rant. They'd actually met briefly while stationed in California but it. It was in Iraq that Chris I saw rod in action. He was also adult trainer with a Belgian memoir named Ralph. Chris was impressed impressed by the professionalism and Catholic attention to detail road lights Chris too but even more he loved Luca. He hoped he'd see the cheerful canine again. After his deployment ended Chris and luke return from Iraq in April a two thousand nine after which they helped train new dogs and handlers and California he was grateful to be stateside again but it came with a challenge. He never faced abroad. Hey Luka had to stay on the base every night while he went home to his family luckily she didn't have to be alone for along. Chris visited her every day. In addition once rod returned to California in the spring of two thousand eleven he also made a habit of stopping by Moluccas Kennel and keeping her company he never failed to smile. It had good nature and bright intelligent gays just as rod and Lucas. Started to bond Chris's term of service was coming to an end. He weighed the pros and cons of leaving. The Marines means. He loved Luca desperately. He often woke up at night anxious that he couldn't hear her breathing beside him. He knew she wasn't old enough to retire. If she was going into the field again he wanted to be with her on the other hand. His family needed him back home. His daughter had been born while he was abroad and Chris wanted to get to know how better so even though he knew it would hurt hurt to lose Luca. He chose not to reenlist one warm night in March launch. Two thousand eleven. Chris Chat Luca out of her Kennels and took her for a walk up a Grassy Hill. He wanted to say his goodbyes. In the quiet beauty of nature Luca had no way of understanding what was going on. She just sat atop the hill had knows periodically seriously twitching. As the slight breeze. Brought her new sense. Chris listened to her breathing. Occasional scrabble's of pause against the dirt art sporadic thumps of her tail against the ground. He wanted to remember every detail given the danger sheet face. He didn't know if he'd ever see Luca again. After this Lucas sustains a life threatening threatening battlefield injury now back to the story from two thousand seven the two thousand eleven Belgium memoir German shepherd mix Luca served as a bomb sniffing dog in Iraq. During those four years she worked nearly nearly four hundred successful patrols with no recorded fatalities or injuries. Her bond with her trainer Chris Willingham was powerful. Foale which was why his heart broke when he chose not to re enlist rather than plunge straight into civilian life. Chris accepted less dangerous position as a detachment commander at the American Embassy. In Finland. The new job had several perks. WCHS including the option to live with his family in Helsinki. But it didn't call for a bomb sniffing dog. Luckily Chris had the opportunity T- TO PICK WHO Lucas new partners should be and he had just the right person in mind. One broad Rodriguez he goes rod already knew he wouldn't be working with his former partner Rolf again and was awaiting a new dog. So he had an inkling of what to expect when Chris called him and said that he wanted rod to work with Luca on the next deployment. Rod was humbled by. Chris's trusted Austin Him. He'd always known that Luka was more than an ordinary bomb-sniffer she was Chris's dog his feelings for all but confirmed confirmed with Chris's next words. He said one thing. I'm hoping to adopt Luca when she retires. I'd like her to be part of our family. I just wanted you to know that from the outset rod replied. I'll take good care of her but she'll be your couch potato staff sergeant.

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