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We're following at the lead. Monday was a big day for NFL player news. First Janoris Jenkins was claimed off. Waivers by the saints just days after the giants cut him for tweeting a slur out of fan failing up and after losing defensive end. Alex Looks Okafor. For the season with a torn pectoral muscle the chiefs tried to fill the hole by claiming former pro bowl linebacker terrell suggs but suggs reportedly. Only he wants to play for the Ravens so whether or not he actually shows up in Kansas City is anybody's guess. Meanwhile seahawks receiver. Josh Gordon was suspended again for violating the NFL's drug policies. Gordon who is only twenty eight has now been suspended five times since two thousand thirteen for some form of substance abuse abuse and six times. Total head coach. Pete Carroll addressed the situation with reporters josh basis again in. He's up against in poses. A great challenge in the seahawks picked up Gordon last month after he was waived. By New England and touchdown pass drew. brees broke Peyton. Manning's career passing touchdown record as the saints. Wallops the colts on Monday night. Football breeze really went off completing completing twenty nine of thirty passes including twenty two in a row for three hundred seventy yards and four touchdowns and he also set a single game. Completion percentage record breese's now thrown five hundred forty one career. TD's the game pause for a while as he took his helmet off and jogged around the field pointing at right and blowing kisses to the crowd as he received a standing ovation. If you like our show please give us a five five star rating and tell your friends to subscribe prevailed on Apple podcasts. spotify cast box and every major listening from wondering and the athletic. I'm under SCELZO AALTO. And I'm Cathy Davidson see tomorrow..

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