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Doing what works we have a three four my professional wrestling fans who are listeners of the so today we have dallas aides with us in his 14year pro wrestling career he became very wellknown hanging out with legends like hall kogan and making movies with people like david ar cat dallas you were telling us before the break that the outcome of any one particular wrestling match professional wrestling match is known but what happens on the way is not known so there's a lot of improv it's not like a movie where everything is scripted out in takestan over and over until you adhere to that script this is this is more the messy improv version of filmmaking on i'm a messy you know because the bottom lights you give him slowly and people get knocked out but you get knocked out in the movie set they call them that you get knocked out and especially roughly and your knocked out on your key well you probably gonna keep going and i know what happened to meet numerous times show but then when you have knocked out that sort of war consume comes in and uh again it's a brutal feeding your body's jakes of people to say what they wanted a professor leslie but the one thing that i think you will agree with you can't say gravity like impacts of the bodies are to really lay pd when your body just spoiled out once like one match food nina main event would be the equivalent of a normal person in five to six automobile accident so that's the kind of impact women war the crowd but um i'm not sure where ryan told you were matt today because what i do today kill people will help them yield the most of the programmes talking about only that how is that that your body is able to withstand what you says the equivalent of five car accidents when one with undue most of us forever will require city bass it's it's really crazy would you can get your body to endure now will you pay for that later on absolute lake gotta remember like people see us on tv on monday night sir thursday night's or paper view here and there but they don't realize that we actually russell to heart.

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