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But let's turn back to the markets right now because Twitter actually, let's see where Twitter ended the day. Twitter ended, well, it's still quite a bit away from that 54 20 Mark, right? That's the price that Elon Musk is paying per share. So we're expecting that the stock will move higher, provided the deal closes. And that's the, that's the trade we're watching right now. You see the risk garb guys, there was garb traders and gals. Aggressively trading this stock to see whether or not it's going to get to that 54 20. Today or at least in Thursday's session, we found that it was just at $45 and 8 cents a share. I want to point out that the company did part ways with two key executive two executives that had senior level positions. This is presumably as it starts to really begin this change process, right? The shift towards a new culture given all that's expected when Elon Musk comes in. I just want to state again. I think it's healthy to have some diversity in opinion. And I think unfortunately, too many of these big tech companies have had sort of only one way of thinking and so consequently everybody is so easily offended. Everybody's so anxious to take something down and what Elon Musk has really advanced is this idea that you need to err on the side of speech. So this is an important cultural shift for Twitter. It's also pretty strategic because Elon's plan is to take the company private for three years and then bring it back out to public markets, but it needs revenue, right? It's not anywhere near reaching its potential when you think about how many users it has and how it's grown those users and yet how do you tap into that as a revenue source. That's what the company is really failed to do what Elon Musk thinks he

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