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An intractable medical condition, or it could be a son or a daughter in their fifties or sixties. Giving up a lot of their life to stay at home to care for an ailing parent and their eighties or nineties or it could be something large, such as serving. In public office in one sense or another. So if you have a chance to alleviate the suffering of others, and you don't take that chance that to me would be a worthless life. So My guest is calling it now as I anticipated. The Honorable Jack Windsor from W. M ft in Mansfield, Ohio, just attended a funeral, I think and Jack, welcome again in the Bill Cunningham show, Jack, How are you? Cutting him. Great American. I'm super Fantastic. Thank you for inviting me. And you sent me two or three days ago, a video of a soccer mom in the stands of Ah, it looked to me like a grade school or maybe a high school event where her daughter was playing soccer. Was tased by a police officer and arrested for not wearing a mask. Explain. So, uh, ELISA Kit is from Marietta, and she drove about an hour and 15 minutes to watch. It was actually her sons football game. It was a middle school football game. And my understanding is when she entered the stadium. She was told that masks that were required. And she said, Well, I have asthma. So I have an exemption and the person taking the money for the tickets. Okay, Well, I'm just required to tell you that Uh, So somewhere between the 1st and 2nd quarter, she is approached by a school resource officer who tells her that she's going to have to put on a mask or leave. And she refuses to. She doesn't get violent. But she says no, I'm not putting a mask on. I have an exemption. So at the heart of the issue is, you know was she breaking a law? The city of Logan, the Logan Police Department. They indicated initially that they were going to charge her with criminal trespass because they said that she was breaking a school rule. However, it does not appear that any school rule for mandatory masking was posted on the website or written it may have been conveyed over the P A system. But something that's really interesting. The state's recommendations for for sports that came down they indicate that you have to mask with the exception of any exemptions in the July 23rd state masking order, while in that order, it indicates that if you have a medical condition You are exempt. It also states that if you are outside and you can be greater than 6 ft, away from people who are not in your family, then you are exempt, and it seems that she's doing both so Her attorney, Maurice Thompson, released a statement today and said that the law was miss supplied by the school and that she obviously didn't break a law. And so there's no no criminal trespass and that the law was totally misapplied and he goes on to say haphazardly and violently. And when I watched the video, it wasn't an easy arrest. It was obvious it was obvious that there is no danger to some other party This woman was watching. I guess the middle school football gamer kid had to be No, no, no tenure. Levin 12 years old and she appeared to be 30 35 years old doing nothing harming nobody. And this wasn't a copper security guard, you know. My understanding is that he is with the Logan Police Department, and he's assigned as a school resource officer to the school district, and you know that's the other part of it. I'm just injecting my opinion here. It's really unfortunate that he was placed in that position by the school. And, frankly, if Governor DeWine said, you know, back when Amy acting was getting kind of flak, the buck stops with me, will indeed the buck. Don't stop with him because let's not forget he he sent it about 55, which would have eliminated any of this. It would have not made any violation of the order Criminal on, you know, without finds on the first defense. But I feel for the school resource officer, But my understanding is he's is somebody that's been there and very well liked. But obviously that's one awry. And so the sun playing a middle school football game. Is watching his mother get tased and arrested in the stands. Yeah, for not wearing a mask. I'm not wearing a mask and you know, they tried to go circular with that. Well, it wasn't because she was not wearing a mask. It was because she refused to comply. And therefore you know it was criminal trespass well. He was actually honoring the state order and the state order as it is applied to, you know, sports regulations set up by the governor and the Ohio Department of Health and let's be really It wouldn't have been an issue if you would have had a mask on, But she's sitting there saying I have an exemption. I don't need the mask. And so he didn't say well. Do you have some paper to have someone? How do I know this? But the other thing you do? You don't arrest a mother and Taser Mom and put handcuffs on her and holler away at a middle school football game for not wearing a mask. You don't do that when you got thousands of individuals marching around city streets with incendiary devices in their hands. Beating people in Louisville and in Columbus and Cincinnati, walking down the middle of Vine Street without a permit. You have massive lawlessness going on. Well, that's okay. But if a mom wants to watch her son play football, she gets station gets arrested. You know what else is okay, And I'm sorry to go barking up this tree, but it's not very far back. I think it was Monday, The lieutenant governor was in band Alia. And he has seen in the crowd, not socially distance, not wearing a mask and shaking And so you know, it's either equal protection under the law or it isn't And in this case, you know, Miss kids explained to the policy officer administrators that she has asthma. They ignored her and their position was that an unmasked asthmatic muscle Dave, and it's not consistent with any directive or other law. So it was all illegal Maurice Thompson on Adam on a few times. I guess he's suing everybody at this point, and this mother is going to get damages. He's probably you know, I'm not an attorney, but it's pretty damning at this point, Bill, I I look at it and again. I feel for everybody. I get the school is saying, Hey, we want you to follow the rules because our kids have been through enough. We want them to have season. You know, the resource officer gets put in there and then here, Mom, Just wait a minute..

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