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No, I check off when we offer share. But my partner George made doesn't match making and, you know, he knows he's fine as well. They've been around for like 15 years so they know all the gyms, all the coaches I got, you know, some buddies of mine, you know, who fought and before UFC Bellator now was a little bit older, maybe on their way out, but they're training guys now. So I'm always gonna know who's who's up and coming and even on over their training sometime in the corner. I'm like, my eyes, my head is always looking like who's that kid and the black short? So I always got out too. I was gonna say, were you ever interested in folding your thing into another promotion? Do you always just want to have your own promotion? It seems like at some point, you probably could sort of damn it, you probably could have just had I'm sorry, scholars don't just call me at all. Anyway, you could have just kind of joined up with another promotion, but you wanted your own thing. What about your own thing was so important and what's different about yours and all the other promotions? Well, for one, you know, I've been around, I since my very first day would Randy couture in like 2006 and I just wanted to go in and get a little work and grappling and whatever and helped my football play. I didn't, you know, I didn't know that it was going to become like one of these things where I just was doing this shit all the time. And find myself around, you know, MMA fighters more than I did probably NFL guys. They would all come down to the games, hook them up with tickets and hang out and return they would train me. And so when I had an ambassador deal with Bellator from like 2016 and 2018, I forgot the exact time. But just getting around being around and you know, Scott Cole Grimm and that whole group over there, they were great to work with, but it was a lot of insight for me. The whole point of it was for me for me to have my own promotion. It was always bound to happen. And I saw an opportunity to grow a league that was already there. You know, rebranding and grow a league. And you know, anybody would tell you that this I wake up to the shit. You know what I'm saying? It's like one of these things were like, nothing happens during my day unless I figure something out with likes out and then okay, everything else, we got to talk to anybody else..

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