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That'd be why not and then anything like past thirty or forty minutes it's usually like an audiobook or podcast i listen to podcasts in the morning before i go to work as i'm i listen to it in a gym really see i started listening whenever i run i start to listen to podcast as well if it distracts me from running like i hate running and i need something to distract me while i run so i can get through it and i've tried music for the longest time that gets boring so i started to do podcast and i find myself like you know i find myself like listening so much to the podcast and really that it it it cuts down my maybe it could be them in better shape now to maybe a role that's drug but i feel like the podcasts didn't like the content from the podcast distracts me more from the run the normal you ever find yourself with team fatigue while you're i'm sure i do that ever grabbed sure there's there's days that are a little more difficult than others you know we talked about it real quick and break in just 'cause we got a boy rate for all since coming up here just a few minutes i just you know the the the the paul paul george chris paul i just i don't know if i had my sights set too high for chris paul or we were expecting too much but again i'm you know listen i'll tell you what i'm gonna take what you're saying into consideration i'm going to take what you're saying into consideration as far as the team not needing a foundational change but i guess i'm worried more so i'm looking at the big picture because i think they're going to beat the jazz but i'm just worried about what's going to happen when they play the golden state warriors.

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