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I mean, Hammer Nation 19. Amber, is it Amber W 7 90. You can call Triple eight. Say ESPN. That's 887293776. And we will get into some NFL stuff here in a second, but I wanted to grab a snack in that last break that we just came out of there, okay? And I went into the baked mix box from Costco, Okay? You got your baked lays your baked Cheetos, your baked ruffles, sour cream and cheddar. Your barbecue baked lays or your baked flame in the hot Cheetos if you had to pick those five regular Cheetos. Regular lays Cheetos. Sour cream and cheddar, the barbecued lays and the flaming hot What are you picking? So the regular version of these things, not even the baked version of these things, So they do like how you and your family are trying to be a notch healthy, still have the Cheetos but don't worry, they're bakes. So I I appreciate that move from your from you and your family in your household. I would say that if there's no salt and vinegar option, which is my absolute ultimate when it comes to chips, and there's no Pringles option, then I'm going for probably anything that's ruffled with sour cream and onion. Yeah, the sour cream and shatter ruffles was the answer. And you guys are very lucky to not be in the studio with me right now, because my breath is very sour, creamy and very Chenery, but they were pretty good. I was thinking about getting lured in by the flaming hot Cheeto. But if it really if it was bad, and it's settled bad, we still have an hour and a half of the show left and it would have seemed like a very bad idea when you're live on the radio to partake in the flaming hot anything, frankly, but apparently this is the first time you and I have ever worked together. And I already know you so well. Look at that. I guess what ship you chose, That's and you know, I wanted to get just the regular with the dory toes in the cool ranch in the nacho cheese, and my wife definitely talked me into getting The baked box instead of the regular box of chips at the Masters at Augusta had a key Matsuyama has caught fire. He is through 16, and he has the lead 10 under par. Justin Rose it eight under is on 13 right now hitting his third shot, and he's Two shots back. Zander softly Will's Allah. Tourists are both seven under par and Corey Connors. The Canadian is six under par four shots off the lead. So Matsuyama is caught fire and it looks like he may be the guy. With the lead or at least in the final group going into Sunday. So we find out just over a week ago that Sam Donald is off to Carolina to play for the Panthers. Ad. You know, this is one of these. I got regular was just under a week ago that the Jets traded him there. He was the number three pick in 2000 and 18. The Panthers, I guess shows going with Donald over some of the other options that were on the table for them, like Teddy Bridgewater, who is their quarterback last year or drafting a quarterback. Ever has surprised Are you that that's the direction that they've decided to go with this? On. There may have been some thought they're also about maybe at some point they were interested in trying to trade for a dish on Watson. Ah, lot of NFL teams, I think have maybe moved on from that plan. They may have been in that campus well, so they turned their attention to see him, Donald I said I was surprised Not that cm. Donald ended up somewhere. I was surprised that they were willing to do this. Like you mentioned Bridgewater. Obviously an option as well. I'm not sure that a lot of people are convinced that Donald any better there. They gave up three picks for him, albeit not high picks. You still give up a second rounder in this mix of picks that you gave up? You're still taking a little bit of a gamble here picks matter in the NFL. But the first year gym fair Fitterer Scott better, He said that Sam Darnel has been his guys and startled was coming out of us. See that it's a guy who he has always been really high on so It wasn't necessarily about cm Donald's 10 years the Jets or these years that he has spent here in the NFL. It's that he better found him to be a player that he coveted when he was a third overall pick coming out of USC. And so maybe the Jets just weren't able to tap into that potential. And if you go back to that draft, and you think all right, Sam Donaldson, Coming out. Third is the guy who I would take over any of this talent. Maybe aside from Trevor Laurence in this year's draft, then why draft a quarterback if you could go get the guy who already does have four years of experience under his belt, even if it's not exactly the experience that you wanted to see. Maybe there's some advantage there. He's already assimilated himself to the NFL. Let me play Devil's advocate with that for a second. I mean, I would worry if I was the Panthers that Sam Donald was a good prospect, but that now he's broken. And like Humpty Dumpty. You gotta put him back together again before you can move forward. Whereas a prospect out of college you're really starting with a blank slate. The other concern is that if Sam Donald has a great year this year are you going to pick up his fifth year option on his contract now, Uh, were you gonna have him potentially have a great season and then roll straight into free agency? Where you might be back in this situation. Needing a quarterback again. I thought this was fascinating. Randy Mueller was the 2000 NFL executive of the year He was on Dorian Melanie ESPN radio and had this to say about what the Panthers think about Sam Donaldson. Think Carolina did Did they probably plug them Donald into their draft model and to their in their opinions, But he was better than quarterback to equal or five in this coming draft, so It makes sense to me. I would rather have Sam Donald in my eighth pick. Then they probably with the 40. Niners gave up to get where they got to get the third quarterback, so I like it. I think they'll still get a good player at eight and I keep their process of kind of rebuilding. The Panthers goes off. Prime time ESPN radio ESPN APP. I'm Aaron Goldhammer with Amber Wilson, which statement is more true. Amber Sam Donald failed the Jets or the Jets failed. Sam Darnell's Well, if you're the Panthers, you're hoping it's that the Jets failed. Sam Darnell's and I think that there is reason to believe that that might be the case. Adam case being the largest of those reasons. We know what happened with Ryan Tannehill down in Miami, and then he looks like a completely different guy when he goes to Tennessee. This idea that Adam Gates was a quarterback whisper. Maybe Instead, he was a quarterback killer..

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