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My one. And obviously that was OK, but yeah, I do. I think that they bounce back. Don't get cold. And I think from a talent standpoint, we're pretty similar to the Bangles. I think they have a fading star star quarterback in Philip Rivers. And really, the bank had deejay reader. I'd be extremely confident and put the receipt of this game, making Jonathan Taylor, uh containing him and making rivers be, too, because if they could do that And that's going to be much easier said than done because Coulson's base some interior that often the vine and the bank of about 52 injuries, so they establish if they could do that and make celebrate explode around the land, so whoever is like part of the end of their career without the arm is going to take chances and throw downfield and give you opportunity for interceptions. He doesn't have the arm strength and I I think that both well, and that's another reason why, in my eyes pointed, I like very self, a great ball skills make the kind of thing so I think defensively is going to come down to stopping that cold rushing attack. And then on offense. I just can't go getting Christ again. His defense is like this cold Stevens are going to be, you know, without a key linebacker. Is there gonna be missing some guy down there is going to be on in practice all week. I think so. Get going here been ableto navigate the law nor even the fourth is right there in the middle, and I think he could have his way with this Bangles offensive line. Wait. Is that what he did with that weak Juan? We cool We three and really outside of being confused by some of the raid and splices. He's been able to handle the pressure. Well, and I think we'll be able to do that on Sunday against the cold. Alright, Final question. Ah, I'm going to make you part of this project. You've been a part of this project over the years I've done it forever. Remember asking you from year to year. Give me James Rippin core five players to AA for lack of a better word, protect and build around over the next five years. John Ross, John right now I'm just I'm just getting land. Ah, obviously, Deal girl, right? Well, it's Joe grow. Jesse Bates has been their best defensive player. You want a story? He is, as he continues that about that safety. Of my lifetime. Bangla flies at least five games, but I'm not a problem yet, but, um then after that, you gotta go with tile. Avoid so Earl Base. Avoid And that I think Joan will have to show you could be a franchise. They got that pink right over for the top. And I know you've been going back and forth with that one. I'm not going to say, girl mixing. And while I was on board with him at the time away, they've used them or their inability to use in the lab wanted Kind of Make him the Alvin Camaro that's frustrated may sell from a talent standpoint. I think he could be that, But I'm gonna go with Carl Lawson. I think I think a Lawson is indeed a reader could have been killed, but he's injured mouth. I think that stuff I think call often easily their best pass rusher. He's a leader, by example, and a guy if healthy, and that's really the only question Quicken healthy going to be a star in this league for a long time, and obviously contact yourself We'll see if he sticks around, But I certainly think he could be part of the core five. I have marked it down. You're a good man always enjoyed catching up. He is James or pennies on Twitter at James or pain. Check him out s i dot com all Bengals dot com in the various podcast, including the locked on Bengals podcast have a great weekend. Good man. Thanks for having thanks, James. James rippin. So there you go. I'm on the record. James is on the record. I'd like to put you on the record, so I hit the magic button. The phone lines Go open. Let's work this a little bit. Give if you Ah, if you know this Bengals team Gimme five players. And make the case. I don't want four. I don't want six. I'd like five. And give me the reasons behind it as we continue to assemble the votes for the 2020 edition of the Bengals core 55137491 7800, the big £1.700 on a T and T Darnell Carrier sportstalk. Presented by Kelsey Chevrolet on 700 wlw. Rest..

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