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I feel every day with my loving wife and three beautiful daughters my football career ended after suffered my fifth concussion did you know that over a million athletes suffer a concussion each year that includes boys and girls every age every type and level of sport it isn't always clear that a player has had a concussion so parents athletes and coaches need to learn about concussion signs and symptoms the american academy of neurology recommends athletes thought to have a concussion be immediately removed from play and not return until assessed by a healthcare professional trained in concussion this isn't just about sports it's about your brain when in doubt sit it out learn more at aancomconcussion that's a end tom slashed concussion a message from the american academy of neurology when i was little i didn't talk for a long time i like things to always be the same anything new or different would scare and upset me as sensitive to lights sonos and eyes and ears than everyone else china's singh i think are getting i didn't like looking people it made me feel uncomfortable adjournment tensions have a little things like when my socks didn't match sometimes i do the same things over and over day ahead on my family got me slowly i learned how to live with it better you can see signs of autism in children as young as eighteen months early intervention can make a lifetime of difference learn the signs at autismspeaksorgsigns brought to you by.

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