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And then you check back the next day and the prices go which direction they never go down and i don't think that's a mistake i think that dynamic pricing i think we're sort of on the verge of organization betting prices on an individual greg willing to pay for it watermelon that's kind of pure evil so there's a line that organizations as well now that's a good point and of course back to a comment mike made in the opening segment a lot of times these systems amount to black boxes and so just trying to manage that trying to govern that like let's say a regular comes into wants to see are you guys doing that terrible dynamic pricing well that's not the easiest thing in the world to unwind right i mean this is one of the real challenges i think in this new information economy is that you know the the path to remediation in our society is actually quite convoluted and disjointed and thinking that it's not will probably get you into a lot of trouble but just the finding judges and juries who can understand these technologies well enough to make reasonable decisions is gonna be hard to do so that is that is not a small component yeah it's a conservative article legally yeah yeah yeah let's bring in our final guest here we have bruno calling in from sumo logic brenno welcome to analysis tell us what you're doing with machine learning thank you so we do things with data sets that are different than what to colleagues on the phone we're talking about we deal with the data that i would title the exhaust of the digital economy so we did with unstructured data largely sometimes referred to a machine data and it really has a couple of distinct problems associated with its one is that it grows at a rate of moore's law which is essentially an exponential rate of growth and it also because it's digital economy still economy moves slightly different way and different pace than than traditional lousy from the perspective of development cycles agile development devops and other techniques that people are using today to build a digital properties to serve their customers compete to kind of odd maneuver to competition got introduces a high rate of change to this date is well so just to give you a sense of kind of scale that we have to cope rid we process trillion record today from our customers and we try to help them with a couple of use cases we help them mind is data in real time or real time.

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