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Store, capturing memories by design. So apparently John Mayer, not just a ladies man. Perez Hilton, claiming in his brand new book that he made out with John Mayer in a restaurant in front of Jessica Simpson. Oh, that's so for one moment, it's a bizarre Yeah, twist. Jessica says Simpson didn't put it in her book. No, She didn't at least aspires. I got in the book, but I don't think so. I got past the John Mayer chapter. So no she's dating while they were dating and press Helton, recalling the time he made out with John Mayer and his upcoming book in 2007 Press, Helena just finished co hosting the MTV s New Year's Eve celebrations. Christina Aguilera was also host. And the two of them decided to hit a club in Chelsea while they were there. They medical Jessica Simpson and her then boyfriend, John Mayer as they were seeded the four of them. Ah press Hilton alleges that John Mayer leaned in and announced I like to watch gay porn. You know, Press Hilton, If you don't know, is a gay man, right? Okay. So Perez Hilton says that John Mayer then said all and by the way, my favorite porn star is a guy named Brent Corrigan. He really turns me on, and it was at that moment that John Mayer reached in shoved his tongue into Perez Hilton's mouth. Despite being thrown off guard Perez Hilton then began to make out with John Mayer in the booth sitting beside Jessica Simpson. Hollywood is a very strange Yes. Now it is all that Relatable Manchester matter No, None of that sounds were later I was in the hallway with Manchester, Matt. Katie had teased this story about John Mayer kissing Perez helping Children are kissing somebody and I go. Hey, this is good for you. And he goes what and hit Israel Stern look with anything Always happy, elated or really bad. And I go well, John Mayer's normalizing normalize the fact you kiss men to go and not and not considered John Mayer normalizes it, huh? Like he's gonna throw me and I just can't. Jared quickly lock the door to the bathroom. Go. John Mayer apparently is a straight, man, right? You want me that with this Perez? Allegedly. I guess I mean, bristled is putting it in his book format has made out with five different men. Oh, I'm pissed, right guys. Kissed, kissed passionately. Five. Whatever you know, he's not gay. Is he straight? Eso. Look a lot of women. They come over there in the hot tub together naked. They kiss each other. They hug each other. They cuddled together. Jason, stop getting so turned on me, like got really detailed there in the hot tub and they're making me come over there. And here's the song was playing blue bikini, but they don't consider themselves. Gay, But when guys do that Immediately. They're considered a right. Well, I Yeah, I mean, I think a lot of guys think that Yeah, because most guys I know don't do that that are straight. But I would not think of John Mayer's gay man. It all I mean, As a matter of fact, he's got the reputation of being the player of the century. Yeah, I do. Think next level. Though more than Manchester, Matt is the fact that he if it's true that he watches gay porn, and it turns him on, maybe he's bisexual. That's a weird thing to just Say to somebody right? It's not a nowhere unless he was trying to be like I don't know. Like he was drunk drunk, and he knew he was gay. And he was trying to not mess with them. But like, could be. You know, I'm saying, yeah, I don't know if there is a prankster, too, and used to drink all that mean online, he said too much. Well, Paris Hilton saying that Jessica Simpson at the time watching her boyfriend make out with president that she was mortified, and she covered her face with her hair. And after it was all done, I guess that John Mayer sat back, and according to press Hilton, he had a satisfied look on his face. And then he just kind of like Affectionately looked at Jessica Simpson, and she she didn't seem to know whether she was incredibly embarrassed or if she was turned on by the whole thing. I don't think this's all his Hilton's speculation when he looked at Jessica's Simms and he was like, I don't know. I can't tell if she's embarrassed by what she just saw her if she's turned on by what she just saw. Yeah, I think John Mayer, the ultimate man whore. Yeah, it is with men and women will you know and also not to stereotype or lump people in but He's very creative. He's very artsy. It seems that you know, I think you have to be in touch with your feelings and your emotions and be an emotional person to write the kind of songs that he writes so I don't know. Maybe he just feels made that for everyone when he wrote, my body is a wonderland. He wrote it about Perez Health, although is that before 2007 I don't know. Your body is a wonderland. What if that? Would that change when you listen to it? If you found out for sure is about President. No. I think I'll change it for a lot.

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