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Fox Sports Radio here on F S One and Sirius Xm channel eighty three. Yesterday we gave you the overs? Unders Fox bent over unders. For the NFC. So an hour from now we'll do the over unders. Fox Bet in Vegas on the AFC. DO I like. Team to win more games than is predicted fewer games, or is it a push and it is great to ambient also Howie long stops by today, Andrew, Whitworth, who's going to get a lot of hall of fame? Votes at left tackle is going to be joining us next hour. Joy Taylor is joining me joy, so we get through. Get through three hours today we get through another week of no games and we're somehow we're getting through. This yesterday was fun. Getting through. We're thriving. We are having honey and we have a very special segment today that we tease a lot which I'm super excited for even mentioned I haven't mentioned in an hour and a half. We have a segment that I think is really fun. You can play along, and I'll talk about that more next hour, but that's coming up next hour. Let me start with this. You know the Brett. Farve Aaron Rodgers. Drama. Brett Farve is going out and just acknowledging. Hey, listen errands, not happy. I talked to him but Mike Freeman a bleacher report is a reporter and he covers a lot of NFL. And he had something yesterday according to an AFC coach, Green Bay drafted Utah State quarterback Jordan love in the first round. To Send Aaron Rodgers the message quote. This not you unquote. Multiple executives and coaches around the league. Agreed. Now, that's interesting. Right that feels green. Bay's compensating for something, right? I mean just Kansas City feel the need to tell Patrick Mahomes. Hey, we run this place. No they empower. Does does new. Orleans feel a need. To send a message to their highest paid. Most important player drew brees hey. Drew we run this place. No it's a weird. It's a weird message, right? I mean Big Ben all that draw. steelers like no, no, no, no! We support Big Ben all the way Seattle traded guys who anonymously criticized Russell Wilson. Tampa Bay. This draft is already picking people. That they think Tomlin's. So, why would green bay? Need to push back on Aaron. Let me ask you anybody watching or listening to parent. When do you as parents have to reestablish? WHO's in control? When you get. When you have a curfew in your son or your daughter blows through it. You then need to with that little bit of friction. With your kids I don't have to do it much. I got good kids, but every once in a while, dad has to reestablish. Who runs this joint who's paying the bills? WHO's feeding you? That's when parents have to reestablish when there's been pushback. So. Let's think about this, so Greg Cosell has come on my show. I'd say at least. Four five times. and said Aaron Rodgers. AD libs out of successful place. Doesn't listen to coaching. Two years ago Mike McCarthy. Joy just started on the show I think when we started noticing a trend that Aaron led the NFL in throwaways. Basically a middle finger. Mike McCarthy this place. Stupid, I'm not going. Try it I'M GONNA throw it out of bounce. So sometime this week could have been yesterday day before a rich Eisen. Had Greg Cosell on? And cosell and Greg doesn't care. Greg watches tape. Greg been saying what he said yesterday four years. And when the parents reestablished control. When they get pushed back. And here is Greg Cosell, either yesterday or the day before. See what you want about Aaron Rodgers. He's super talented. We know that he'll be a hall of Famer, but Aaron Rodgers over the last number of years has evolved, or one could say devolved into a player that plays a lot outside of structure and outside of Rhythm, and when you get a chance to watch the coaching tape as I do. And this is not an interpretation. This is what the tape tells you. He leaves a lot of throws on the field within the timing of the offense. That are there to be thrown. and guarantee that that bothers mental floor, and given the age of Rogers and who knows how long I can play the age, of Rogers, and mental, a floor, clearly coming last season, having probably pretty much carte blanche at this point I think he's looking to say I'm GonNa Start to put this offense together. The way I wanted to look and will rogers great? I'm a little frustrated with the way our offense plays out and That's just my personal opinion again, but I feel pretty strongly about that. Erin created this. Aaron has pushed back. Errands been uncomfortable. Aaron leads the NFL and throwaways, so Matt Leflore gets him and says. We got we got throws here in our offense earns Megan him and he can make. He's talented enough. So. Why does Green Bay? Need to reestablish. We run this place. Because drew. BREES does not ad Lib, his way, a completions or Sean Payton would bench him. And Tom Brady does not ad. Lib his way out of ballot. Check and Josh mcdaniels offense. Once again. Aaron, Rodgers does. So as he's portrayed as a victim, Greg Cosell says look at the tape. And for the record, Cosell said this I think three years ago have been four. We ran the tape a dozen times. We kept going back to this great was like there's plays, open. Aaron just won't airlines to do his own thing. So very interesting because I think the idea that you need to establish. We run this place. I'm like why why nobody else does that, but no other quarterback does what Aaron does. The same reason occasionally very occasionally. I have to reestablish. Dad runs the house. So here's your curve for you. Hit it. Okay, here's the rules. Hit it. GotTa clean the dishes hit it. If you don't for about three days straight time to reestablish so I, think I. Don't think it's a crazy theory. COSELL's on it again and this is Matt. Leflore said timeout Bro I'm not going into a second year with you. Just do in your own stuff. nope, our offense our franchise. So what are the advantages? Let Me Segue to this of having power and money and being lucrative. Is facebook can of do what facebook wants? They don't have to rely on others. Amazon can kind of do what Amazon wants. I saw this story. SEC football's very good best conference easily in college football. SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey said yesterday. Quote a couple of programs aren't able to play. Does that stop everybody? Not sure it does. We just want to stay connected and remain important..

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