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Two outs runner at second base in how hughes tigers holding onto a one run lead near the bottom of the seventh inning game one of a threegame set in conference play wanted to the count to watson milky to the plate he's going to be waived in a row the second base the away one delivers his fourteenth one clutch hitting to cheer the bottom of the seventh inning that's what they call timely hitting doug thompson probably the most dangerous hitter in this lineup he threw a fastball right down the middle by watson does not miss very many of those at once again hits it on the button a ball likely left the bad over a hundred miles an hour watson wisely on the throw coming home turns a single keeps on running on the throw in to get the second base with two outs the tigers still threat here with antoine duplantis at the plate twenty one for three on the night face it last time in the fifth inning the has been red hot here of late especially over the last four ballgames mitch from pilkington missing eight game hitting streak forty planets after his single to left field in his last at bat.

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