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Off his stick A dry settle right there on the doorstep again, Easy. Two goals for dry cycle in this game, Crawford down and out of it, but 100% possession for Matthew Highmore Puck just starts bouncing around and I can't stress how much that Going to make a difference in this game, with the puck bouncing as bad as it is right now. That's a great example of not paying attention to it and trying to make a play. That you would normally make and losing focus of the pocket and came back to haunt him. To be dry Sidle second goal of the game. This third of the play offs from bending at 407 So to to the score Blackhawks have possession of the puck in the Oiler zone along the right boards. Can't put it back to the right point off Murphy stick down into the Hawk zone. Right. Sidle got it tried to center picked off by Alex Knee Lander whips to pass up the left wing. Here's camp into the Oilers own crossing the rink to the right wing boards camp will back handed down in behind the net. Russell gave it a spin around out to the left point camp, Got it there and fires. And that's why to the oil or net. Years later, cuckoo with a puck along the right boards took a hit. What the fuck into the corner. Russell will take it away and clear through Centre ice to the Hawk Blue line, Alex Neal and er back to get it there. The lander moves it over to strong left wing center ice front of the bench is hell chipped the puck down the boards into the Oiler zone. And it's clear quickly to center ice up The left wing chase on put the puck into the Hawk zone for Neil along the left boards has taken away by the Hawks. Into the Oilers own cane at the right point. Turns and falls under cleft bond. No penalty called the Strom Got it back, right Circle A cane in the slot he shoots and that's blocked in the slot by Judy are Keira. Break into the right corner, coughed up the puck to care of the Oilers, who put the puck behind the Oiler net. Russell clears around Kane tried to flip a passage in the high slot. This in an Oiler sticking the puck is now down in the Hawk's own off a deflection. Boilers getting a line change. Keith has the puck. Passing up the right wing, both twisted center ice Senate across the rink for to break it. It's over, sticking down behind the Oiler net. Russell will put it back around on the left ports to the hotline. Keith grabbed it, their jobs, the puck back to centre ice, taking my Nugent Hopkins. He'll dump it left corner Hawk's own that book with stings it off the near glass down to the Oiler, blue eyed Darnell nurse back to get it in the Oiler zone. Nurse for the pass up ice. Mrs. MC David, It goes all the way down. We're going to get icing here to the oil to the score. Dry cycle has been dangerous. Conner MC David has been quiet. So far. Two superstars taken turns and Creating some good offense for the Oilers. But that scares you. When Conner Mc David is as quiet as he is right now, one loose puck and one opportunity is all it takes for a guy like Connor McDavid's make the difference in the game. Black ox, get the face off down in the Oilers End of the ice. Fox control off the draw. It's shot from the left point toward the hawk net or toward the oil or net. Excuse me that by Calvin, Don. It's why we gotta whistle stopping play and what we have here coincidental minor penalties coming up here. I'm not sure too who was kind of behind the plate. Josh Archibald is going ahead to the box, but I don't think he's going to be the on ly one. I am wrong. An interference call away hits Kubelik after he made a pass on it. Archibald. Makes his second trip to the penalty box. Connor. McDavid's not too happy hasn't seen a lot of ice time because they've been killing penalties. Uh, Dave Tip. It's got some other guys out there that he uses a little bit more than Economy. David back with a sicko feeling good power play after this on 7 20 W g. N one event, the all new Sports Book in Amara Stories. Chicago is your exclusive destination for all things sports betting where you're 50 yard line behind Home plate Centre Court tickets, a really odd points and over unders.

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