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Next five years to not have to subject myself to. No, fun no fun. Hello welcome to the all points West podcast network this queue. June is going to be huge for us. We're starting the month off with the launch of House on fire. A podcast hosted by youth climate activists JP Mahia and Gaby Rodriguez and presented in partnership with the Cleo Institute and Unicorn, fire. Radio we're talking climate change from the frontlines of the crisis Miami with the generation who has the most at stake in their first episode. JP and Gabby talked to the CO founder of zero. Our Jamie Margolin about how generation Z. is taking up the mantle for action global warming what it means for the near future. The first four episodes are up on June fifth with more to come every other week, so be sure to subscribe rate and review now. Meanwhile over on awesome movie year. Jason Harrison Josh Bell are reviewing the year in film, one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety-six, six including swingers welcome to the dollhouse. Follow rocket. Independence Day more. They've got some awesome bonus content. They'll be releasing later this month, but you need to subscribe to find out what it is. And over on today those Monica and Paula are getting deep into the world of language rights, and how parents can push for better bilingual programs in their communities, so check it out by subscribing today. All right so I hope you enjoyed that conversation with Brandon Christianson as always. Thank you so much for listening. Enjoy the show. We would love it if you'd subscribe wherever it is. E listen to podcasts, you can also rate and review us over on apple podcasts or pod chaser. I believe stitchers reviews to now so wherever it is, you listen. If they take reviews, review us may even give us five stars. We'd enjoy that very much and you can. Can also follow us on social media at Piecing pod joined the facebook group, popcorn and puzzle pieces, and make sure to check our back catalogue of episodes. If there is a movie you've seen recently and we talked about it I. Think you'd enjoy our conversations on whatever movies those are. We've done hundred and thirty of these things so far lots of episodes free to go check out. We are always making more re. We aim for one a week, but Ended up doing to a week most times and have to do a week at La. That ever happened to me, but yeah. I tend to make to a week and you know I I enjoy making him I love doing it, and I'm going to continue doing it and. If any of you out there, listening ever join me for one of these things I'm always looking for new co host to join the show we. We like to mix it up. We have back. You know returning co hosts all the time, but I love having new ones on as well so there's a movie coming out now and you think you'd like to do the whole puzzle pieces thing with me. Definitely get in touch. I'd love to love to have you on sometime. So think that does it for today? I'm going to close this thing out with a piece of music like we always do all right I think I'm GonNa go with something off my most recent album beater, original motion picture soundtrack, which if you're not familiar with is the feature length film beater which is coming out later this year that I did the score for it's. It's got all the music from that film. As well as selections from a whole bunch of short films I did with the same director Chris. Johnson and so I'm going to play something from Chris's horror movies to keep in line with this whole Z. Theme, and I'm GonNa, play the track, no escape which was from short film called Daisy and this is on the beater. Picture soundtrack so this is called no escape and we'll be back with more piecing together coming up real soon. And all points West. Prediction produced by David Rosen in Las Vegas..

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