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And I want to ask you because there's been A lot of talk about Women. Mentoring women. And then there were those That Are so insecure that They don't even want to help you. And if you had your Your way. Would you rather a male boss or female boss and I hate even asking this question, But I think it's It's timely and important to answer. Yeah, And I'm gonna let you do that. I'm going to let you do that. When we come back from break. We have to take a quick break. Uhm Tambor, give us the best website Camera. Last check is with us. And we'll also talk about her. Career and her current her latest role that she was a politician and she may be running for office again. Who knows? Give us the best website. Yes, The best lead plate is just my name. It's tomorrow last check dot com. No, and it's and it's spelled L A s H c h Y k and we're going to take a quick break right here on this talk radio, and we will be right back. Stay tuned. I'm Frankie Boyer. You heard you could save big when you bundle home and auto with progressive. So you went online to check it out. But then you saw the link for a.

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