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Tonight is our tattoos in or out and then he would chase seven here Jimmy so just listen to rise to it so I've always put tattoos and worked well together but we agree with that or not yes okay maybe not now back in the day so our tattoo sexy or not sexy on men okay what do women think that tattoos are men are sexy or demand thanks Ted to the sexy men which were not not that you're gay or straight that's all I'm saying but you all like to look at Joe's tattoo so y'all gonna for Jenna or you're doing it for women are you doing for it because you want to do it I mean so they sexy well as as far as women begin their sex young man I've I've never had a problem with it but as far as on women for me the biggest thing is they just have to be good you know there's nothing there's nothing to me there's nothing more nothing worse than you know a beautiful girl or someone that could be beautiful just covered in terrible tattoos okay so what you're saying is with a female has tons of tattoos but that aren't good by a good artist right absolutely so you know that yeah there's nothing worse than a stripper tattoos I don't know what's at stake a what's a strip attached like a tramp stamp all guards him you got to give me a chance I can I say that I don't know because I don't think of a carefully because Hey what is a what is how does it refer to you know boy held out she should know she goes to strip clubs going to send you what you can yes I going to have someone's in trouble and I said Transdev it's like on your lower back right above your **** right why is that bad which is updated hello hello I think that there's a new version of tramp stamps out there every every six months as a media stamps get those the underboob tattoo which is basically the tram step on the front upside down underneath the breasts yeah everyone's getting down last year was riding on the ribs and happy for that it was a tramp stamp and he has the nineties was tribal I don't know if you also like in the eighteen eighties J. one of British flag so wait a minute so they're called literally tramp tattooed center that was the nickname transaction and what about a woman that has like the sophisticated job that works in our corporate America do you ever get one like that that come in force and where they want tattoos Pinterest tattoos small stuff lately like fine line little white flowers things like that the worst of the worst because I was trying to right now is is the writing on the inside of the finger which is yes never holds the you know one in a row countryside of your finger on the side of the finger right here it's it's such a bad idea so many levels and we get asked for it constantly and it's because of you know people see a finished product and they think that's how it's going to heal and you know what are the advantages of going above and experienced a two studios at when you have guys have been specially means been doing it for so long you can hear these if you were set to go I remember the war of eighteen twelve crazy if I let go ahead you know you you you know we're we're you know part of our job is to educate the customer and you know a lot of people come in with these with these ideas and sometimes it can I have the heart set on it and you know you need to just try to explain to them what else sounding condescending or rude you know why it isn't gonna work and you know most people just do it anyway I don't understand that I don't know I don't like anymore but I don't have any touches on my by thank you so they went from the finger tattoos if you listen to this okay now we don't have to okay so would would give me the percentage obviously more man I'm gonna say but what's the percent maybe I'm wrong percentage female to male getting tattoos now in two thousand nineteen but I can give you my data we definitely have were somewhere around like sixty forty more women customers and then sixty percent women yeah forty percent men things have changed yep really and I think a part of it has to do with what we have a lot of female artist on staff that that we advertise that I mean we just have such a a mix of of staff and artists and styles that you know it's just not your typical stereo type tattoo shop where you got the ball in the and on the couch and of motorcycles out front yard I wish it still all agree that tattoos look good on young people one young skin correct but my son's twenty five his tattoos like reading was good though in which when I know that it's sad to know your bikini or or whatever so every case J. still had hair yeah I mean yeah J. J's gonna go see mad cannot wait till your he has had on right now because he he has to go see map well you know you know in a way that you can work something out because he's like a tattoo is wrapped around the body shop foundations you want more here right so hi this is fit for the record I pulled out the little guys like Jimmy with the work of years that's why have their lives that might say that's a red Terry yeah by the side now the other side I don't know that we know that's not factually we don't know what's factual anymore jeans jeans jeans anyways Stratis spot you've ever put a tattoo on I would I would I would say you know maybe the strangest situation I've ever been in is where like I've you know tattooing has changed a lot so you can't really get too wild anymore without facing a lawsuit or somebody complaining of going on yelp or whatever it is so we we try to remain as professional as possible as a vehicle in the doctor's office so imagine if you were going in for a check up in your doctor you walk into the examination room so it's completely naked yeah you know the world no you didn't even have to be so I I've had a couple people just like get like drop down to the socks what do you do it too so you'll let them you like taking your panties off you know it would be though okay so there are those strange well yeah yeah yeah just strange old man for some reason those worst intentions though if you have like your Cerner helping some are idols horror story I have a problem with that one I have a problem look at the kids here's a big holes in them and then they're gonna get all these years gonna hold you put your lives on a sorry about that you can get them some backup yeah no you know any story I asked her to take me to get my bellybutton pierced and she fainted sure the six sixteen yes it's a half and tribal ways on mass F. yeah I'd like that I'm the guy next to us was getting something done he's getting his private part peers remember that's why fainted watch these legal court was private not going to your stomach I'm like there any shade can hold I really have to watch is gonna get a tattoo on his son is thinking so yeah I see a big drop the ball not location so the latest trends and tattoos black and white or color because I look at you you got a lot of black to white he's got a lot of color with a color into so ever since probably fifty fifty now but that's with a lot of raising the into black and gray style is it's become very popular of so I'd say half of that maybe half a color now no I did like attach a one time a couple of my guys that work for me construction they did Bob weir who and actually start on when I was in my twenties at the time I think when I started on Pamela Anderson I thought that's a cool tattoo right now fifty four why didn't go into it because my hands like sagging in Inglewood that will look pretty but why would those so big and now they're gone you just go back that was pre Pinterest in pre internet where you know you have a limited about a celebrity's over get a ton of exposure kind of broke that barrier of of you know it being like you know Pamela Anderson was a sex symbol so she got a tattoo or I can't have any barbed wire tattoos we've done and you know tattoo is a funny thing because you know people mocked the tramp stamp mark my words in ten years people gonna go back and be given a chance step again because you gotta think it's cool and retro like all video games and everything else what goes in goes out what goes out comes back in who is except if you're in a flight you know you can't do it anymore when it comes back in twenty years later and you've already done it one time you're out by saying that he can't do it okay you can do about your daughter can do it but you look like a shinning Maggie should we get you doing it okay what is that H. McGee yeah thank you for doing that so you know it's such a huge ward for Sri Gading means you're an idiot but in in in he hasn't exactly like yours Righetti you call them schmuck astronauts should be getting ready this one have you ever spelled the name on somebody wrong Jesus and what do you do if you did that or have you ever seen that done one I'm pleased the fifth I'm looking I'm a builder third is right I made my mistakes thirty years ago okay so let's talk in the past not the future you thought the girl's name was what was used by the people spell Cindy so many different ways that we Y. C. I. S. and they use it what if I at the local I'll say this that you know now with technology that we have a laser company that we deal with called the finery back in the day back in the day easy mistake he bends it up I will say it hello yeah I'm not gonna lie it's it's it's happened but you know it's also sometimes the people spell there the what they're getting around him you know I'm not an English teacher typically you want to show the designs your client regardless how does they will they want to see it you know and they lined off exactly whatever if they don't catch and how much was it you know what we're going to be going to break but I'm not sure question and you come back and think about an answer it is that you're dating this girl the boy a guy would ever put your name on vice versa they break up six months later we we go on from there I'm sitting.

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