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It did were brought in a bunch of bad dudes. Well, he's running Jeff. Offense. No. And I mean, I mean, they are bad people. Gotcha. Yeah. Great offense of players, then people in the defense of an endowment can sue and theaters. And you know, guys that have been maybe kicked off other teams. He's done a great job, Canada, simulating them. And do here's what we're going to accomplish? You haven't heard much from them. It would be interesting to see I think Sean McVeigh have success, and we've already seen the impact on what it's done to the coaching landscape around the NFL. I was in the NFL for a long time is the ultimate old boys network where everybody is just trying to keep their job. Like, it's been incredible just watch these don't rock the boat. Just do what I have to do to keep my job for the next fifteen years and make friends and be nice. Where got Sean McVay I'm gonna win. And I'm going to do my way. And I think it's what he did on the defensive side. Wade Phillips has been fun to watch. But he's a special talent. And watching him in interviews and watching film of him early in his career. Ear and hearing how his players talk about him. He's a special talent. And I think that's why the coaching regime of the NFL I think will continue to change the next few years thought who's actors joining this great stuff about his relationship with Tom Brady and talking about the jerk off as well. Patriots. And Rams scores coming up in the Super Bowl on Sunday. Ladies and gentlemen, boys girls of all ages, you're here. Hey, everybody. Hey. Right on time. Perfect. I well. Yeah. Three fifteen o two fifty nine. You didn't Switzer clocks didn't quite work out that way. The. Asking. Oh, well, what are you? You know, what we've been talking about this all week taught about the defensive line at the Rams and the offensive line at the the patriots. And I think that's going to be a big factor in the game. Maybe the biggest factor, but another big factor is how healthy girly is going to be because he's in my opinion for you could say after Brady and Donald he may be the third best player on the field. And he is so dynamic catching balls is it caught a ball in the postseason the fifty nine in the in the regular season and hasn't caught one in the postseason. So you know, he hasn't been right. I think if he's right that goes a long way to the Rams went in this game. What a good running back. It makes things easier. Right. You don't have to call the great play every time and north Turner who drafted me out of college. You said you know, what the best play in the red zone is handed off. The ability often every running back at six yards which girly is capable of doing almost every time. Sometimes more is a huge weapon in the the last thing you wanna do is risk getting zero or getting one and really not doing anything to intimidate the defense intact. Like if you only game one, they'd probably gives a defense some momentum in girly. Clearly, I mean, those two drop he had were the fact the Rams came back from that game. I I know the the bad called the end. The saints could have buried them early. And the Rams tight and then came back, and they just kept doing what they're supposed to do and didn't make mistakes and the things couldn't can counter enough. So imagine adding that Todd Gurley affecting. I think we've seen it on the flip side for the patriots. So he Michelle is able to get six seven yards at pop sometimes more that just adds a different dimension to what defensive coordinator has prepare for. And that is. That is going to be tough. I think you've talked about the offense is I think what Tom raise done in his ability to get rid of the ball before getting hit will be a huge factor. Saxon negative plays. Jared Goff has to has to avoid those. He he has to get rid of the ball recognize what bell check is trying to do not take big hits or or blindside shots recognize the NFL is not there throw it away. Do not take second in sixteen or third and twelve because that's where the game can really change. I think keep moving ball for what the the patriots do and have done better than anybody. I think over the last cheese. Eighteen years grief credible. We're talking to Todd who's accurate talking about the Super Bowl you give us great insight into his relationship with Tom Brady. And of course to Barry quarterbacks going to the Super Bowl on Sunday. You know what? I'm so amazed about you just mentioned eighteen years. They do it with different players is over the years. But especially if you give Bill a check two weeks, they can be a chameleon on both sides of the ball. They can they can bring different things to the table. I'm not saying they're going to overhaul everything they do. But they'll they'll definitely throw you for Luke how difficult is that to deal with when your quarterback, and maybe you expect something and they give you something else. I'll give you a story will I was with the jets and we're watching tape and Chad Pennington threw an interception to n read not the first player to throw an interception. Ed Reed NBC was lined up. He was blitzing off the right side. If I'm looking at the defense, he came he was lined up to blitz off the right side. And he intercepted the ball on the left side line. And we watch that play, and he stayed Chad into thinking that there was pressure and chat had one on one coverage on the backside at Ed breeze. Newer Chad Pennington was gonna throw the ball and he split like dead. Sprint fifty yards straight ahead and made the interception. It's like that that was coaching like they knew that that was his adjustment. And they were better and was better athletically now, there's not a lot and reads around, but it's it's it's maybe like six or seven plays a game that you can just create that slight advantage. And then you have to have the players who can take advantage of it. But what they do such a good job. Of especially was fascinating for me in the in the championship games. Both AFC NFC really good coaches like all four of them, exceptional, offensive coaches, defensive coaches. It was gonna be incredible to see and it came down to like four or five plays in each game. Where they went the other way. So I think that's what Bella check is such a good job of is. They're gonna create situation it'd be third and longer third and short. They're gonna come up with four or five different looks at the quarterback never seen and might not be ready for and make the play. And that's that's what they're really good at. It's you have to trust your quarterback to see believe what you see make the right read and make the right tro or check before Linus if they can check out of it, even better. But that's really what it comes down to four or five plays that swing the entire game. You know, the one thing I look at Todd is the last two weeks. The Rams rush defense has been phenomenal. They were pretty leaky throughout the course of the of the regular season and Dominic ensues been been fantastic. Everybody the whole front seven has been fantastic. I mean to shut down and the saints are in a great running team. But they usually run for you know, four yards for pleasure carry the Cowboys are really good running team. And they completely shut them down. The patriots have turned into a running team. They can throw if they want to and maybe they'll have to. But again going back to that old line delight matchup in to really good units. That'll be a big key as well. Because the Rams could set down the run like they did against the previous two opponents. They're gonna have a real good shot at getting the Brady. And then that could also tilt the flavor. Have you seen have you ever met in person? I can only imagine a massive. He's one of those guys when I was in the locker, and there are a few guys that I met in my life. Like, how are we playing the same sport like that? That's not. That's not right. And he's one of those guys that just steps on a feeling that good grief. Like who is this guy? He's one of those. And then there Donald right next to them. I mean, they have the talent to shut down the opposition. And if they can do that, I think we saw here's here's the answer to that is the patriots had three third and eight plus on that touchdown drive against the chiefs. And they completed all three. Right. They they have the ability to make plays down the field if they're run games not there. But certainly they were much more effective really in that game. When the run game was effective. So that's part of play calling to is getting the defense. Maybe a little off balances that are draw the screen. I mean, you have to call those plays in sequence to make the defense. Just one step slow. That's all it takes. You got the linebacker or safety taking one step in the wrong direction, and that's four or five extra yards. And that's where the coaching comes into this and the execution. It's not it's not the play call as much as it has the ability to execute. It's such a high level. And that's why both of these teams are fun. That's why these coaches are so good that coaches can scheme it up. But if they don't execute at a high level, it's not going to be successful. These teams do like each teams do consistently. It's it's a it's gonna fun match up in the age of the quarterbacks defense with the offenses. I think it's a fascinating match up. This is an awesome piece that you just read tweeted from two thousand sixteen the alternative universe in which Tom Brady is taking taking I by the Browns and the patriots take you and these quotes that are in this piece your agent, anyway, I didn't realize he was my client meeting with that piece. Oh, it's hilarious. A bunch of friends. Call me text me like did you write that literally came out of nowhere and for the record super happy with how things worked out just a little different than it's so funny. This is your agent. I didn't realize he was my client till he called me after he heard his name on the draft telecast, but I looked it up. There was Todd who's sack was my client. And it says Drew Bledsoe quarterback. Patriots quote, no way. I'm losing my job that Todd who that was thought I had that day. Bill Belichick, please stop calling me for this story. It's got like a fake picture of you standing next to you at Charlie weis learning the playbook your rookie year. Unbelievable alternative universe novel in which Tom Brady was drafted number one by the Browns, and you were taking it one ninety nine. That's pretty funny. A couple picks behind him be talking to Tom Brady right now about Todd who said, yeah. Right. Think about it. Because you said this at the beginning. Jared Goff was terrible with Jeff Fisher. You put Sean McVay in there. The dudes one of the Super Bowl. It's all about where you land the NFL is. So by the way, I will take the two thousand NFL draft class probably the most successful in NFL history for quarterbacks. Mostly because of Tom Brady, you know, more Super Bowl, but like Giovanni karamazov in Chris Redman in Chad Pennington, but then later rounds it was Timur today. Went through the Niners. Spurgeon win. Yeah. Joe hamilton. At Georgia Tech was it. Mark Bolger Bolger was kind of soldier of West Virginia. Absolutely. Yeah. No. He got by the same the, that's right. Billy bullock. Yeah. It was a good class that I would say most successful NFL draft class, which I'm. -gratulations? Yeah. Thanks. I I think a lot of credit for that. You do. Hey, we got exempt, but thanks, man. It's always great to talk to you. Thanks for the insight, the fun, and we'll talk to you. My Tom real quick. Yup. How many bids is the Pac twelve getting into this year? What set the over under two? Maybe two. Just say one and a half. Now. I think I think they'll probably squeeze out to somewhere. I just it's a Pac twelve I gotta get to. I would think, but I I wouldn't feel I wouldn't feel confident that they get more than two Washington looks really good. I like I I watched them play against us the couple of nights ago. They'll look really good. But other than that. I mean, you gotta hold. You got a bunch of. They're just like, whatever. I mean. Arizona's brutal right now, they lost jeeter and ASU beads Kansas and then loses the Princeton. So I don't know I'll go to though. It's bad. Isn't it? You started at a two and a half. And then said to. That's not good over under the whole basketball right now. It's not good. No, no. I agree. Thanks. Thanks. Take care Todd. Who said you gotta check out that peace. Look get his Twitter. It's hilarious. It's a good piece back in two thousand sixteen just re tweeted before he. For it came on. So make sure you check that out. Our Andrew Brandt is gonna join us. Former NFL executive, of course, mostly known best known for being with the Packers. He's always got great inside of the front office kind of stuff. We're going into the Super Bowl the dollars the sense. And he's also talked about Antonio Brandon think the Steelers are gonna eat that twenty one million dollars. So we'll get into that with Andrew Brandt coming up next on the here on the sports leader. From the Chilton auto body traffic.

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