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Podcast. One presents the Chad Prager show your one stop shop for comedy, craziness and common sense each week. YouTube star voice of the every man. Chad breeder brings his armchair philosophy and observational humor to the podcast world. Nothing is off limits and now for your host Chad, either. Everybody welcome to another episode of that. Chad, pray third show. I always feel weird when you're sitting there and you're on so many of these episodes. I feel like we should almost like put your name in the title somewhere. No, yeah. I don't think we should are or just the Jade pray Thurstan show. I think that's a horrible idea. I just don't think it would sell. I don't think it would sell. Oh, I think itself. I don't know. I don't know. You wanna know what I think is awesome. I'm sitting here where my Georgia bulldog t-shirt that is kind of awesome. It is, isn't it great and agrees long sleeves. It's one hundred degrees outside and wearing this thing. 'cause we're only four weeks away from college football, and I'm excited about that. Go dogs, go dogs. And I had somebody last week who told me that my Lanta hat was sitting over. I e listen, if you see an Atlanta Braves hat and you say roll tide, your horrible, horrible, Alabama, crimson tide fan before you should know, I know. But I want to say again because there are people out there who still don't realize, I know Alabama fans. We come in for you this year. I want to say something about the temperature outside because while ago you said something about it being ninety eight degrees and you just mentioned it was one hundred. You've been in LA. We here in Texas. It's been like one. Oh four. I think it was one twenty six the other day and it was one hundred and fifty degrees when you're out of town. So what do you want me to blame? LA go on you to be aware. Everybody was aware of it. I'm aware that everybody thought in LA thought it was a heat wave at eighty degrees high. Now that was nice. Little breeze blowing through. I sat outside at the Mondrian hotel there in West Hollywood and last. Tonight, and I had had an adult beverage. I had some lamb. I ate lamb which I know you are a fan of the lamb. See Jade won't eat lamb because she thinks that it's like the little the little baby bouncing bouncing bouncing bouncing. Well, that's exactly what it is is delicious. They had the lamb there at the Mondrian sitting outside under the lights on the patios. Beautiful. The nice little breeze blowing through there was I started talking to this girl who was sitting next to me at the bar that came out wrong way. I started this conversation came out wrong. I was talking to the bartenders one's an actor. Of course everybody knows as an actor and then I was talking to the another one who's a stand up comedian. So we were talking. I was talking to these guys in the girl who was sitting next to me. She's a young girl and she's very outgoing. She was there alone for five days in West Hollywood. She stayed there at the monitoring. She came alone from Washington DC to celebrate her twenty first birthday in LA. It's so she was getting ready to leave. Go get, go back to LAX to get on the plane and eleven thirty. Can you imagine? No, that sounds dangerous. She spoke fondly of her family, but I'm like, how do they not like you? I mean, like if she went to LA West Hollywood by herself all the way across the country from Washington DC and you know what l. girl go home. That's a whole nother world. It is a whole. I would not feel comfortable out there l. as a lot of different worlds. Yes, it's a lot of different worlds because you've got, you've got all the different characteristics out there. But anyway, so that was I was sitting there last night, but the weather was beautiful in LA. It was great. Yes, I know I've been these fantastic and understand why. So I was talking with rob long because we've been working on the sitcom thing in rob long who just great writer out in Hollywood. We were talking in, he lives at Venice beach, and I asked him, I said, do you like living at Venice? Because Venice is a kind of a different world over there in you just have to go experience it to know how Venezia's and those of you who have, of course, you know how it is, but I want to experience it. He said. He said, you know, when you move because he moved here from Rhode Island. Okay. And I think I think rob graduated from Yale, maybe..

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