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And we are back and i am privileged to welcome a friend of mine and uh someone who is an expert uh so sit tight you want to hear about this dr todd hadn't welcome targeting you good to see you can true dr hutton is a boardcertified sokaiya tra's fell the american executive association these associate clinical professor sky the us he kicked school of medicine where he teaches residents in sokaiya tree we've known each other for years and years and years at fat twenty five islamic 25 years don'ts that scares me the frightens me dutch threatens twitter handles at dr todd hutton h e t t o n and the website pertinent to the some of the treatment talking about here is so cal t m s dot com soca yelled tms dot com let's just get right into a what is tms well case team s sanskrit trans cranial magnetic stimulation so they break that down trans cranium unit crusher cream crusher skull magic the magnet that goes across your brain skull nedic in their brain and stimulates were stimulating the brain and the thing about it is so as a psychiatrist at you'll have therapy do a lot of prescribing of farm o'clock pharmacology we'd have another tool a way to stimulate the brain to treat depression and potentially a lot of other things so the way i think about it how do you you know wireless charging all the rage yes how does that happen magnet exactly yet more people the people have not studied electric curie of physics of of electrons is that magnets craig currants they move electrons forward and your brain has a certain amount of which chemical qualities to it so the magnet causes current the break right and we look at it when with so magnetism electricity for the two sides of the same quaint you can turn electricity into a magnetic pulse and magnetism goes straight through things so go straight through your skull unimpeded unlike electricity and then it gets converted back into electricity and the neurons nurse in.

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