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Bound at Clark street the left two lanes are blocked to seventy five a north bound ramp to ninety six westbound accident blocking the right side of that ramp now W. J. R. whether first from the weather channel expecting cloudy conditions all day may see some up peaks of sunshine this afternoon remaining mild the hi fifty one tonight down to thirty nine for Friday partly cloudy windy high of forty five cloudy skies forty one degrees I'm Dana Clark W. J. R. news coming up next with Decatur it's a good time to be a doer and it's a good time to join the home depot now hiring no home improvement experience no problem they'll train you apply at home depot dot com slash careers or text jobs to five two two seven zero message and data rates apply the home depot is an equal opportunity employer the jeep celebration event is here which means a great deal on the S. U. V.'s built to stand the test of time or waiting before time runs out right now during ten days to do financing at five thousand two hundred fifty dollars total cash allowance in the purchase of a twenty nineteen jeep renegade latitude jeep celebration event today financing for qualified buyers across the capital not all buyers will qualify residency restrictions apply to delivery from dealer stock by three eighteen twenty twenty jeep is a registered trademark let's say you just bought a house bad news is your one step closer to becoming your parents you'll probably mow the lawn ask if anybody noticed you mow the lawn tell people to stay off the lawn compare it to your neighbor's lawn and complained about having to mow the lawn again good news is it's easy to bundle home and auto through progressive and save on your car insurance which of course will go right into the lawn progressive casualty insurance company affiliates and other.

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