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Coming off at five touchdown performance the giants looking for a little bit of revenge eagles course speaking that reset Monday night game a giant win coupled with a cowboy win sends the eagles home without anything for the post season tension here pre game show at two fifteen I'm Mike McCann WFAN twenty twenty school all right Mike we appreciate it net basketball around the corners Mike told you so we look forward to that Ellis you scored again a dozen never take them long doesn't sixty three twenty eight now and finally a touchdown in which Joe Berle was not involved as he is out of the game so four minutes to go in the game sixty three twenty eight as one of the over under on the game was anywhere between seventy six and seventy nine depending on what book you were on and they were only at eighty four until that touch down so I think that it took you know three and a half quarters plus to get to that number that over despite the fact that it was just a crazy first half you just you know a reminder of just how one sided it was jets giants tomorrow obviously we're we know we're looking forward to the end of the season and and Monday I mean looking for the Monday not from a negative standpoint from a positive standpoint because yes it's a negative for the people involved to lose their jobs quite obviously and it's sad in that regard and never will but sad well what it is is a you know virtually a spring training fresh excel for fans of the giants and jets saying okay that finally is over now what we got you know we got a second year Daniel Jones we got a third year se Kwan Barkley we got a third year Sam Donald we are Robbie Anderson hopefully if they re sign on the you know the give me a little more optimism offensively on what they have there you have these questions are a levy on bell yeah the questions around Gelman and Schirmer I don't think they'll be any change with the jets in that regard gays sort of been given the vote of confidence and you know Joe Douglas is clearly going to be there are going to get his first draft come on coming up in April but a lot of decisions around both teams that should keep it somewhat dramatic and somewhat interesting and as I said likely situation that both teams back in the top ten list they trade out so opportunity there for fans to.

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