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I don't really understand the whole thing. I don't want to pretend to be. You know mr Encyclopedia about all this stuff. But he is kind of my explanation with it. These different lists and their designations. Really what it does is it provides roster flexibility for the team in so in what it does it is also protects these players. So that remember. Remember the antonio Who was it the bryant situation. The weiming needs ago. They didn't they didn't protect any. Add an injury issue a rush them out to practice. They didn't have him on the pup list anything like that. So then what happens is you couldn't put him on the pup list. You couldn't protect him. You lose them for the whole season in Contracts awash so this is this is kind of a little bit of cya. If you will. And i think a lot of what that acronym means In terms of the team and what they're doing with these players so when when when someone is asking why are they on this list. What does this mean. basically it means. They're not rushing out to practice. Because if they do that the injury gets worse. All that kind of stuff then. You can't pop list him. You can't hang onto him. You're basically relegated a lot. In a lot of instances to put on i r but one thing that that sticks out to me is a lot of the young guys names on this on these. That's a little concerning to me. Jeff yeah yeah well. I'm concerned with some of the sample. And i know he's day to day or whatever because i think he's got a shot to be a big impact player for us and the other thing i find interesting is what's tearing their pecs one and two years. I mean mckinsey. Alexander was out in the quarterback trimmings trailing. He tore his last year effort whole year. Now's like what's going on with that. But yeah the one. That really concerned about is a sample. Because i think can be a very good player for us. At least i'm hoping so wide huber. He's he's going to be good. One hopefully hopefully come back but it doesn't sound like it. Yeah here's a little bit more from james routine of all bengals andy. Locked on bengals podcast. Great guy great coverage guy of the team as well just kind of extrapolating a little bit more information on the white hubert situation on drew christmas. So you see drew. Kristen will be a few weeks. It's a i guess it's a hand injury And then camp sample with the hamstring issue hookah williams also In that in that sphere of of all the names that we're mentioning there but thanks to james for passing on that information there that was relayed through the luncheon today What's what's with this. Mock turtle soup thing man I have you tried this thing. That i guess that that was the dish that was served lunch. And i i have never heard of this thing. I've heard i've heard a turtle soup. I've never i've never had it's either. I think i want to turtle in it. I don't think i'm going to try to hear ya but hey it might be good. Who knows what supposedly what they were serving at the lunch. And what i understand it wasn't actual turtle meat a ground beef or something like that. So is it a turtle turtle shell maybe that's Maybe it's for all those super mario fans or something wrong. This is just a little bit more again. The bengals in this is on cincy. Jungle dot com courtesy of jason markham. And of course related information from a lot of the beat writers and whatnot Bengals lose weight hubert for the season. So that's That's kinda to me really jeff. It's a little bit Khalid green down right right right like that. You gotta you gotta step up. I mean these are when you draft these guys on day three yeah. The expectations aren't overly high. But as we talked about earlier. Edge defenders are valuable. You need to get guys that can rush the Rush the passer. Even if it's situationally or on limited snaps so they're going to need to find something to replace white hubert regardless of how little or how big of plans. They had four him this year. Yeah one thing. I've said on my show. I think this is an i said earlier. I think this talented team also is the deepest team that zach has had so it's already contested l. Y. huber was a guy. I was real ford seeing play. He was southern. Pick out and it was. It was a guy that you know. Some people said he couldn't hire you know five or six around so he was guy was look forward to seeing what he can do. I think he was mostly going to be backup special teams guy but still. You need guys like that. So this is where the the depth comes into it and this is why. I'm glad that the bengals did not spend so much money on one offensive lineman. Everyone wanted to do and the off season. We spread the money out. We still have money left. Who spend to go. Pick some guys up here when trang camp start because you guys are going to get cut so there's going to be a challenge to see how the seam is hopeless. I sign of things to come because last year as you know we got so injured. I mean it we pull guys off the street and that's what we don't want to do this year. So that's why i do like the debt that we have but it's already we're already have to dig into it and like you said next man up you want your opportunity there. It is well going into this weekend. They haven't really been looking at edge outside rush help. As of this moment. they're probably you know sniffing around some players in tried bigger some stuff out and of course we always have to look at the the final cuts right. There's always the late late waiver wire editions after all the final cuts after preseason so that may be another area where the bengals but in the meantime you kind of teased it a little bit. The bengals didn't splash big time in the offensive line the big signing was riley reef of course but they did add some offensive line depth over the weekend so they added a center. Lamont guy yard. I hope i'm pronouncing that correctly off of waivers. A couple of other teams put waiver claims into him from what i understand jeff. This was a little bit of a surprise to cardinal fans and those close to the club because this this guy started a couple of games farm last year did okay and they thought he was at least going to be a backup. Maybe a you know a rotational guy. Or maybe them into a starting role down the road but They cut him. And i end though now. The bengals picked him up and bengals going into the weekend. Now you know you've got the hubert situation so those numbers are little inflex..

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