A new story from Bobby Bones


Day and every day Happy Memorial Day weekend this morning. I got up at six. So one day I walked out and saw the rising sun and I drink it in like whiskey saw tree. I've seen 1000 times a bird on a branch and I watched it fly away. Yeah, and it hit me. It's a beautiful world. Sometimes. I don't see so clear some days. You just breathe. Just trying to break me. Sometimes your hospital now your chest Sometimes it's just be some days. You just pull What you've been here for Some days. You just get back. Yes, some days. You're just someday you're living some days. You're leaving. I went back in and find the coffee. Yes, she walked in the kitchen like he always does. Tonight. T shirt. And it killed me and I kissed your life. He was the first time she laughed and looked at me like I lost my mind, baby in love. You kill it that you know, I don't say it enough someday just breathing just trying to break time's your hospital in Napa. Your chest. Sometimes it's just me and you just fooled. Here's what you've been given some things. You just get back. Yes, some days. You're just a lot. Some days you're living. I could never die. Lose a little bit. Grew up in the sky. You're has a little hat. You feel that fire you've been miss. Some days, you'll disappear before sometimes I don't see so. Some days you start saying And you don't need a reason. Sometimes the world just ride clear ass Ain't even blinky Got a heart full of great fool, Raul. You didn't get your some days. You just get by. Yes. Someday you're just laugh someday someday is yours. Like you never die blues a little blew up in the sky. You're has a little How do you feel that five been missing someday? Sure, Living Some days. You're live high heart country Top 30 127. Hey, I got my smile that don't bother me bit. He's got somebody else's eyes. See myself me. I'm.

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