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Rep it out the table bye. See you later idiot. Appreciation for paul williams. You're a bad human. I did see somebody It's funny 'cause doffed punk recently up after eight years of doing anything. Seventy very brilliantly on the last punk album is that amazing song Song and co written by paul williams could touch and daft punk massive phantom of the paradise fans and they basically wrote a song. That last avenue. Like missing song for of the paradox. That makes much sense. Yeah i then somebody if you look up on the internet the cut together a video. Wednesday front broke up. Who daft phantom cut that song to footage from the film and it was so perfect. That like i actually. This is my humble brag now. But i emailed it to thomas southbound ample what he said miss out there bachelor even though it's copyright laws by having bike can one film to make both like love this. If you're offense in the paris fan or pump fan find that video online dow fans if it was really great house. He started out soft. Good jake what do you think. What's your recommendation. Okay so my recommendation. You know it's it's been a pandemic we've all been stuck in the house and and you know we probably want to get out. Wanna get out to the movies so my recommendation is true. Recommendation is a movie called love exposure. Which is got a running time of three hours. Fifty seven minutes and retinal direct. Have one one one question. Really briefy that point. Why not go the extra three minutes. You're you'll have to ask the director. Shell know whose work. I have become familiar with in the last year or two and he is brilliant but love exposure is a tremendous dome. If you're looking for a very very long film tremendously law mendez. Tremendously long But it is quite beautiful. love exposure and Show n shana come really. He's also got a tv series on amazon. That seems to cost a fortune called tokyo. Vampire hotel might not be for everybody but it is certainly for me but that. That's my recommendation really really beautiful film. Okay what is what is tokyo vampire hotel about. I don't Is about a vampire hotel in tokyo. But really at that is that would be reductive in explaining what it's about but it's got a lot of primary colors and a lot of blood why to say. I like guitar because one of my pet hates usually is like something that happened in the last fifteen years. Where comedies just became like the just one would describing what's happening and what's in it bridesmaids neighbors my right at that kind of thing come from like like it like titles just went out the window and they just describe exactly what's happening. That has tons of them. I can only out to please tell me out. You're absolutely right. Tokyo vampire hotel it is. It does not begin to describe what this show is a about it. It is it but you are yeah. There's probably a movie coming out called romantic comedy very. Yeah yeah actually. Already dudley moore is it. Is there a film could remember. That's called arthur arthur. To on the wrong there is no meadow eliminates grom no. It's romantically yours. That's unfaithful to you on facebook. There is a movie called romantic. Comedy with dudley moore. You're right did you. just look it up. Jake no. I just i swear that four romantic comedy. Nine thousand nine hundred eighty three dudley moore and mary steenburgen. I wasn't kidding. No it's that's real. Yeah and but please don't look stuff up because then that makes me off at this point. Start when they had the board meeting the w morphou from like how whatever's on the list of titles romantic comedy genre and the title of the film mixed up. There was a mixup. And then it's oc. We already made the graphics. It's just there's so many like i. I swear like most the movies it's been more in the title is the person's name you know like arthur and nikki and maude and price and others. But i must character ten when he plays he was the best april. What's your recommendation. Well mine technically. I don't know if this counts as a movie. I was just thinking since. We're talking about music documentaries. Also maybe doesn't count as a documentary but erg of music war. I watch it like once a month. I mean it's just as far like edgar. This is kind of my thing like if anyone's like what kind of music do you like. I'm just like watch this. Dvd because this is every foley it's like the police acronym bodyman going. If you haven't seen it. It's i think it's nine hundred. Eighty one nine thousand eight hundred eighty one. It's just a compilation of live performances of everyone at that time that was good. It's like the cramps pairs devaux gang. Four let's call gary Gary yeah yeah. We're gonna music war. It's you you you a. H. erg u. r. g. h. exclamation point on music war. Yeah erga music were and there's a companion to help sat and what's it's available again I think through the warner archive. You can stream it. It was not available for many years. And what is amazing is. Apparently there's hours and hours of other extra footage that exists and that hopefully can come out. I mean it's a music rights nightmare but there is this footage that miles copeland made it. I s and related sewer copeland of the police and there's even more erga music war that we could get at some point. Yeah it's amazing. I mean everything rules but it's theirs especially my favorite song on. It is valium by this band band. I'm doing air quotes called invisible sex because no one knows who they are. I've done so much research because the song totally rules in the band performs it all in like basically has matt suits and you can't see any of their face. You don't know who it's i think it's people from like i think it might be somebody from the payers. I don't it's like. I think it's other bands that were on stage at that venue that night but no one has come forward. No one has come forward. Have been like i'm the singer. I'm nikki tarisa. I wrote that song which is so interesting to me because even deep dives on the internet i cannot figure out who was in this band for this one time performance and then they never performed again. I feel your documentary debut and yeah down around just wanted to point out. The irony is the original title of that. Dudley moore and mary steve and was a romantic.

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