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Free throw to complete a three point play. And it's eight six tar heels on top force. They will have the basketball. One sub little has entered the game for the heels Cameron Johnson is out of state has the same five on the floor co pay just body out of the way Kubachi got the rebound though. And then was fouled on his dunk. Put back by garrison Brooks. First foul on the tar heels and Mogae. A fifty two percent shooter. We'll have to shots Eric. What do you do with somebody biggest commodity when if you're Brooks, you're giving up a good six seven inches to the man and that situation as we see it on replay. It was pretty evident Brooks needed to root him out. Get them away from the railway makes that free throw cleanly through got kind of a pod release on the ball. That doesn't have a lot of rotation at a kind of an oblong rotation at that. But you've just got to get him away from the basket. And so it's harder to help defense with the way that Florida state is Dr. Second free throw also clearly through he looked like anything. But the fifty two percents free throw shooter on those. But you really got to make sure that you make contact and get him out. Now. Cabin galley score for their faith back in the game in the game. For the first time a whistle win at Hamilton is standing directly in front of us from where the action was happening. I think it was a foul on him. Jay Walker trying to get a steel up high. And so that'll be the third on FSU so cabin galley. Did come in four q. Mogae also entering the game. David Nicholls grad transfer from Albany as bound goes to Brooks who tried to spin by Kevin Kelly, lost the basketball. So a turnover. I of the game for Carolina state and a tie game at eight has the basketball man to 'em Jay Walter outside. The art runs over Kenny Williams and a blocking foul whistled on Williams. The ball pop free on the contact may scooped it up and was trying to head down the court for an uncontested shot a Williams called for his first foul. Second foul on the tar heels in. Inbound baseline left coming for FSU. But hold on Cameron Johnson is going to check in for Carolina. Let's see who gets Luke maye. So the heels will have white Williams Johnson little and Brooks as the five on the floor. Eight eight. Fourteen fifty nine to go first half. Nichols gets the inbound whips it over to man in the post the cabins galley with gross kathak Kelly bodies in turns around his shot. No goodness. Little scoops in for the rebound. They'll push it ahead to Kobe white already frontside left size. Our backs up tight defense by Nichols. For Florida state now white able to get him teardrop at home for persistence is exactly what Kobe white demonstrated on that play. The little comes up with the loose ball. It's I'm Jay Walker. Couldn't handle the pitcher hit little coast-to-coast takes heavy contact. No whistle and the shot didn't drop heels up ten eight four to state on the move the other direction cabin galley trailing. The play will slow it down hands off to Nichols into the paint nickel. Runs indicating Williams. No basket cabin galley with the offense of rebound. And he's fouled by garrison Brooks. That's going to be two fouls on Brooks and so- garrison who has been playing so. Well. And as you may heard us talk about in the pre game has been relatively foul free here lately. Picks up a huge second foul at the fourteen o seven more. Well, we'll get to see much of exactly why that's happening as far as the positioning garrison. Brooks will be headed out of the game. Luke maye will quickly sub back in after a brief moment on the beds cabin galley makes his first free throw Joji you mentioned in pre game. He's a seventy seven percent free throw shooter a very talented player. But Brooks continues to get pushed underneath the basket. And part of it may just be due to sheer size and physical strength of the men that he's playing against. But it's something that I think has more to do with the defensive rotation which could be a root problems. Both free throws good for for four four to state at the line. Ten chances to score on the scoreboard. Carolina works in the half court. Cameron Johnson going to have to ease it up to Kilby white within on the shot clock. White backs up to the center. Bounces to may right wing banks too. Little at the free throw line turn shoots window for two in the. How you might think that coming from story to strata ROY off the window at the buzzer of the thirty second of the clock could be kind of lucky. I I would argue that certainly there's a part of that there, but the body control that little hat as it got up in the air absorbed. The comp the contact and still had the wherewithal to square up while in there, and then push it forward certainly little harder than probably what he wanted to do. But it converts to three point play. Just good awareness to continue to play the play through that contact Carolina now three of five as a team at the line thirteen to ten Carolina with its largest advantage. And what has been very tight? I six and a half minutes in the Smith center. Terrence mann. From the top of the key passes in the right corner to support who has checked in a very good three point shooter for Florida state backup high-demand gets a screen drifts to the top right penetrates in kicks it left corner Nichols, berries, the three a thirty five percent shooter from out there ties things up. That's the first may three pointer by either team for two state averages making seven and a half a game. Carolina averages almost making nine as Kobe to Luke maye he'll pumps for three send it back to white long three ball too strong. It was online, but just a little too strong off the inner four portion of the round transition triple for Florida state missed badly by cofer rebound comes to Carolina thirteen thirteen twelve forty to go first half. Kenny Williams all the way to the Cup exit left side. Another good decision by candy. Of course last time. He did that he finished from the right side of the basket and pulled off a three point play that time he saw that seem just opened a little bit and thought he could make it happen, which of course did. Carolina o- of three from three to twenty three class two games man behind the back dribble into the paint since it again the Nichols. That three won't go to see your little with the rebound. Luke maye takes a spill. But pops right back up little boy moved right around the defender on the break. Couldn't get the layup. Cam Johnson to poke it in for so much of that penetration in transition, and in transition, Florida state cannot set up that really good half court. And so that's how Cam Johnson found his way to the offense of glass seventeen thirteen tar heels with a four point lead eleven forty seven to go first half cofer Savoy a long distance triple off the back. Iron rebounded the free throw line to Cameron Johnson. Heels on the move to a trailing Kobe white long balls. No good off the left side of the room. Rebound to Florida state man, running the break since it on the right side Nichols. Couple of pump fakes on the three. Kobe. White stays home. FSU will reset seventeen thirteen Carolina with the lead eleven twenty to go first half. Kevin Kelly faces up and strips the net from left lane. Cabin galley with four seventeen fifteen Koby white one of four from the floor. Going one on one. With nNcholas gets five Nichols gets to the round the shot is blocked. Cam Johnson with the author degree bound can't get the put back to go little down in the paint able to save it. He got poked in the eye as he saved it out to Kenny Williams and Carolina will reset the officials are going to blow the play dead as little as really having some trouble with his right eye after he came down with the offense at rebound in the painted area. Got hit in the face and Carolina, not attacking in the half court. The officials blow the whistle and both teams will head to their respective benches for the under twelve minute timeout. Ten fifty two to go in the first half. Carolina seventeen Florida state fifty as two of the best teams in the league. Go toe to toe and a Chapel Hill heels up to from learfield. IMG.

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