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I don't want to take credit for match worth. It's just that website but mad gave you four tangible touchable data points to blow away this ridiculous assertion that Somehow Obama Obama handed trump this booming economy now in case you need more evidence Matt indicates something I've said on the show repeatedly and anyone with a you know a brain can figure out Obama's first president since the Great Depression to you never see a single year three percents economic growth in any year of his presidency. It only took trump until his second year in office to achieve three percent growth and consumer come sooner had his tax cuts in past until the end of his first year in office Obama how many years of Obama three percent E. Y.. By the way why does that three percent growth number matter folks three percent G._D._p.. Growth growth in our economy gross domestic domestic problem is the historical average of the United States throughout our history. Have People Surpass G._D._p.. Three percent yes some of the Clinton years we did. In Reagan years we passed it doubled it one year nineteen eighty-four. I believe it was six percent percent something we doubled in the hard that is due in an advanced economy. Now who is the only president in modern American history to never reach the average in two terms by the way trump's only been in there for two years. Who's the only one never should to have exactly zero a goose egg zero years of three three percent G._D._p.? Growth Oh Baba the only one trump two years in office bang hits three percent the G._D._p.. Now one final thing outdoor when it's not in masterpiece but I always liked to throw out there is yes. The Obama Administration during that jobs were created. No thanks to Obama by the way because the American economy recovers from recessions no matter who's in office. That's the only reason the economy grew at all under Obama Obama gets zero credit for me but ladies gentlemen the jobs were created under the Obama years and the reason you felt like the economy stunk was because they did as acknowledged by the way my colleague at Fox Donna Brazile who's emails were hacked into. She emailed John Podesta daily caller piece Donna Brazile slams Obama economy. They are low wage jobs carry picket October twenty two thousand sixteen. Here's the email it. She says this Enron email documents any amount and no one should steal anybody's emails by really put this out there but this is Donna brazile email to John Podesta quote. I think people are more in despair despair about how things are yes. There are new jobs but they're low wage jobs. Housing is a huge issue. Most people pay half of what they make to read. This is in my email. This was Donna Brazile Edited D._N._C.. emailing John Podesta Hillary Clinton's right Dan guy about how yeah they're creating jobs are crab jobs is on my email. It's hers. The Democrats knew the Obama economy was crap yet. Jobs were being created but they were garbage herbage jobs. They weren't full-time jobs. You can feed your family on. They acknowledged that not me again having said that any cool hack and people's emails I wouldn't you know it's still a crime to do that but that's out there. It's in the public public domain. We can't ignore it. Hey Paula can we go back at immigration story. I missed or am I gonNA mess up your old show okay. I'm sorry at the end of the immigration. I forgot to bring this up. I just want to throw this in there to more breaking news this week and I'll have this story up at the show the Daily Mail just in case. You think we're losing doing this little bit out of order but it's important I get you the news. I don't WanNa miss this. The Daily Mail's reporting. We're doing DNA testing at the border Joe Rapid D._N._A.. Testing now and you know the Democrats. I don't WanNa fix the problem at all our we're separating kids from their families in the third of the cases. No you're not a third of the D._N._A.. Checks at the border. These are not their family members which means kids will be traffic at the border nearly a third third time thirty percent of the Rapid D._N._A.. Tests show. These aren't their kids.

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