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A crash and even build on highway 1 61 at Webster Road that's blocking all the lanes in both directions are next couple traffic at 8 14 Shannon O'Donnell as your Komal forecast, everybody, hopefully you enjoyed our Veterans Day break in between storms that so we're going to get Thursday a big storm in its own right, cranking on in here, it's going to be rainy. Although some of the precipitation may begin a some wet lowland snow in the foothills or Closer to the San Juans in the Strait of Juan de Fuca highs on Thursday. Still, just in the forties, loads a mountain snow. We've got a winter storm watch already up Thursday into Friday and already gusty will see. Some wins 35 to 40, especially closer to the straight in the San Juans already on Thursday, then on Friday, that's the big kahuna coming in. It looks like most of the wind should focus south of Olympia, the gusts between 50 and 65 there Closer to the Oregon State line, but the track could still change. We'll keep you posted in the comer Weather Center. I'm meteorologist Shannon O'Donnell right now. Seattle 43 degrees Stay connected. Stay informed The comb. Oh, evening news. Come on news time. 806 Art Sanders in your top local stories from the comb over 24 7 News Center. Supporters appear to be promoting Governor Jay Inslee for a roll in the Biden administration. Come was Charlie Harder has the story New York Times reports. Governor Jay Inslee is under consideration for three positions. Secretary of Energy secretary of the Interior and EPA administrator as recently as last week in Chile, have said he's staying put. Have you changed your thinking on whether you would accept a position with the administration? You previously had been a definitive No. So I'm wondering if that has changed. Remains my position. Political analyst We talked to say Ainsley is.

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