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Twice before in recorded history, obviously very clustered on Louisiana, but you saw them in Texas. You had it in the Florida Panhandle with Sally. Louisiana five that is a record five landfalling storms this season alone. You're listening to ABC News from California's Capital City. This is Sacramento's news 93.1 kfbk. I'm John Byrne. I Z at 11 0 to with your top local stories. Campaign 2020 KFBK Continuing coverage. California voters will have a chance to weigh in on a ballot measure that could change the criminal justice system in the state. Scalp are a with the we woke. We vote coalition says The cash for bail system is unfair because those who can afford to pay their way out of jail or stuck there until pleading out or going to trial. Even just being accused of a crime. You're giving up financial burden because you either face paying cash bail. Of upwards of $10,000, or risk sitting in jail and losing your job. If it passes prop 25 would abolish the cash for bail system instead of paying money to get out of jail. Those awaiting for those awaiting a trial would be released based on a computer algorithm and a judge's decision assessing the risk of how likely they are to commit another crime or not show up for court. DUI arrests in Plaster County are on the rise. CHP officials report that the officers have made 250 do I related arrests this year? That number is already higher than the total number in 2019, which was 2 20 more Do I check points are planned into next year and the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk could be the first amusement park to reopen in California. Boardwalk officials say they'll start by reopening No, no more than 12 rides. This comes a Santa Cruz County just moved into the orange moderate here. Smaller theme parks are allowed to reopen a 25% capacity or 500 in county visitors, whichever is fewer. Traffic and weather together. Here's Brian Nobles brought to you this time around by dot org's in Carmichael and his Hammond. Mongolian court. Gotta vehicle versus Tree Incident Good news is no one is injured. Three ways Look good all the way around. However, ifyou're headed westbound on highway 50 getting anywhere near Hazel Avenue. Just be aware someone spotted about three dear milling about the sign of the road Right now, there are young people across the world facing a tough choice..

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