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Rap game. I'm really big on cultivating the culture here and building something here. We've never had nothing in Vallejo. And like so many of his legendary Bay Area rap predecessors, la Russell is innovating the game as well. The idea here was to build a venue that we own. Subscribe to baker and on the Odyssey app or wherever you get podcasts. Case CBS News time two 11 sponsored by first nor count credit union get yourself a very merry auto loan rate today at first north Cal credit union dot org, here's Brett. Patti is caltrain continues to work to electrify its rails along the Peninsula corridor. The agency is giving an early look at its future fleet of all electric trains. Keith manconi got a chance to hop on board. The electrification project is still two years from completion, but when it's done, caltrain is promising faster, more frequent service, and much more modern trains. This really is state of the art. Michelle Bouchard, caltrain's executive director, giving a tour of a cabin of one of their brand new electric trains. Stepping out of the cabin, Bouchard says passengers are going to notice quite a few improvements. You can see around you, there's passenger information, screens, we've got onboard cameras for increased safety. Four of these train sets have already been delivered, the rest of the fleet will be built in the coming years. So, still a long ways left to go for this project. That has faced delays and cost overruns, but Bouchard is hopeful. We've already gotten power to

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