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Go to Dave Fleming Like John strike wonder. Lorenzo Cain and he takes a breaking ball from Quito off the plate outside wanted one came then Dhaka's than brewers got all three of their runs in the. Second Kane takes down at way to and one we're still not really seeing the normal velocity, from Johnny Cueto. On I don't know. If it's a. Concern to, him or anybody down to. The dugout or what but Stuff is not the way it usually is to pitch is hit into right field base it. And that was a ninety mile an hour fastball I think that's the best radar reading we've, seen If we're judging. By that But Cain headed. For a base it anyway so that's a leadoff single up gums Mike Dhaka's for, his second brewers, at bat brand new today. Introduced himself to his teammates It's one of the first pitch he saw a brewers uniform, and hit a, fly ball to center field So he's. Over one three nothing brewers runner at first nobody out Cueto MRs inside At eighty eight miles an, hour ball one grounds crew had to come out and I saw an inning ago Nick Hundley talking to the crew. Chief umpire Sam Holbrook and, the home plate umpire Ryan. Blakeney and then in between The last of the second and this top, of the third the ground screw came out and dump, some extra dirt and maybe even the. Little drying agent or Something in. The catcher's box so the area behind home plate so we'll watch that I I think Hundley had must have said something that he wasn't getting a good.

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