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Now how does she translate all this into that world yeah it's funny i was sitting there as she sign up for twitter and you know and therefore changed spelled alice taken says she had in half the number four and then yeah within days she had that many followers it's really amazing but now i mean like when i asked her how was to go back to school again she you know the day i saw her was the day there was that shooting at um central michigan university and so what she said is that it was nice to be back at school while that happen because instead of having to drive to her friend's house to process that emotional upheaval again they could just walk down the hall and hug each other so again i think her world despite being this national figure now her world is still very much about school and her community and her friends what does she tweeting about how she utilizing instrument she's she's tweets about you know um she responds to critics on you know the students have been very clever about you know making jokes about right wing critics that claim their actors or claim they're not who they say they are claimed there being used by by politicians are older people um so she tweets about that but i think if he if part of the reason people follow her on twitter is also very um she understands gone policy all these students have now you know they understood it probably to certain extent before but now you can ask them almost anything about gun laws and they'll be able to tell you the pros and cons of particular policies and so as people are presenting different solutions to this um she's a very informed critical voice david hog is one of the students is involved in this core group he's this incidentally his dad is retired fbi agent if i have a correct and he's one of the ones that after the shooting was accused of being a crisis actors or how did he handle that that direct accusation and amine again just with saarc i mean he's you know he's not a crisis hacked their here is the care and and yeah i don't i don't know specific secondly how he addressed that so much as just they've all been rolling their eyes i mean i saw i saw a tweet from cameron caskey.

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