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Porn for gamers right like watching other people do it because they love it so much and they wanna watch celebrities to dan's a player dude i don't play i i wanna play fortnight i had nothing against port night i just know that already dealing with other addictions i don't need that dean john skipper in the hollywood reporter i frequently play call of duty i don't i don't wanna make it you know but you don't wanna watch somebody else play call of duty right no i would not do that's what i understand i mean i guess like it's drake eclipse come across twitter i'll watch it so it's not if if i was up at that time i don't know i came in i didn't often i was on twitter i mean i might have to din crazy i don't understand all unless march madness it's full swing we talked about a little bit kansas currently up nine dukes up to nothing gonzaga can't pull away voss's shit done there's nothing worse than the campo away can't pull away teams forced they're like up seven nine up ten that's the way the entire game morning nobody could pull away from those were evenly matched teams yes like kids it's not being poll ways bullshit they should be able to go on a fifteen run here in vary what what is is this this thirteen and who do take took kansas because i just couldn't kiss way too much buzz about penn everything's thinks liz liz i mean everything's casey whatever needed.

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