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A member of the S E equal credit Opportunity Lender. It's 7 18 traffic and weather on the AIDS here. Steve Dresner, the W T o P Traffic Center in the district still remaining slows. Seth Bandy Si tu 95 right near Pennsylvania Avenue. The crash and the clearing stages single left Lane doesn't get by with delays back to Burrows Avenue. Traffic moving pretty well on the North Bound side. No issues on I 2 95 or on the Southeast, Southwest Free Wayne over in Virginia. Quiet right on the capital Beltway, 3, 95 and 95 traveling nicely and traffic moving to speed nicely as well on I 66 no issues. Traveling along the G W Parkway over in Maryland, Quiet on the capital Beltway throw, Montgomery County and Prince George's County to 70 North bound right near Falls Road crash activity on the rights been cleared Sting, a Montgomery County and the Gaithersburg area. Extensive delays everyone 17 clapper Road between game, Preserve road and watched in smell robe. That's all folks heading into Seneca Creek State Park for the Winter Lights festival. They'll be going on until nine o'clock tonight. We're also in fine shape on 95. No issues to report on the B W Parkway. Still finding delays eastbound on route 50 approaching the exit for Oceanic Dr. We do have add Sandy Point. Stay part. The lights on the Bay Festival going on. Folks trying to get off an oceanic park. So we are backed up on these bound side of route. 50 West founders traveling well coming off the Bay Bridge all the way down to the capital Beltway, three lanes heading west Bam! To going eastbound over the Chesapeake. Steve Dresner. W T o p. Traffic, Not a star Team four and Samara Theodore. Good evening Cold Night. Tonight is temperatures fall into the twenties and thirties tomorrow mid forties sunny skies tomorrow night. Maybe a light.

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