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She's not a conservative. All it takes this movie. And they have Felicity Jones, Felicity Jones, she's very Pretty Woman. She's a movie star. And she plays. The gator in the movie, Felicity Jones, and her husband is played by Armie hammer. Armie hammer is the grandson of Armand hammer of the arm and hammer corporation is very very rich. And and and he's Mr. Hansen. So it's like having tea Leoni play Hillary Clinton in the TV show. Madam secretary it's good to be a democrat because the propaganda machine is just extraordinary. It's just it's a little a little Golden Globes stuff from last night. They had an awards show and. Well, you know, how they're they are that way. And this guy this actor that I like who played Dick Cheney turns out, he's an English guy. And he was on last night. He got a little a little spun up. He looked like he was on the drugs. Did he looked like he kind of looked like it was kind of coked up or something? Guests guessing I didn't see him snorting coke. But he was acting like him. Acton lie. Yes, Alexandra Cortes, Casio Cortez. With her pal. Anderson cooper. And they had a fun little back. But you, but how are you going to pay for all this time? Chad just dismisses that pay for stuff come on. When we start talking about paying for stuff talk about paying for stuff. What are we talking about paying for the space force? Yeah. If we're going to build one. Yeah. We do. Yeah. Actually, where he talked very much about that. That's what the congresses for. I don't know if you're aware of your role as a member of congress. Maybe I should go watch that the how a Bill becomes a law thing. I think it's on Al Gore's amazing internet now, I think she could probably learn from that here's one of the things I made a note to myself for over the weekend. And I think we talked about this last week. I think for incoming members of congress. They should be new new members of congress like ASC, they should be required to take the citizenship tests the citizenship exam that new citizens are required to take that foreigners who are going through the process of becoming American citizens take that the citizenship. Test would be perfect for the likes of ASC and her fellow travelers. And honestly, I think if they don't pass it that they don't get sworn in as a member of congress. No members of congress that cannot pass the citizenship exam. Seems reasonable to me. Now, sixty minutes. I think we're gonna play a number eleven and then we got the Castro one of the Castro brothers. Join Castro who disagrees with Alexandria Calcio. Cortez's proposed to seventy percent tax rate for those terrible rich people who are successful because they work hard. And they're smart, and they don't do drugs and cheat on their wives and stay home and drink their brains out and ditch school and all that's like so many of us. And and. I just marvelous. He says ninety percent ninety percent. It's the tax man. It's the Beatles. One one for me nineteen for you the tax man, but they're in Trevor so Alexander Cortez. Then they t- up the attacks. Manderson pooper never cuts her off never interrupts her never points out that she's just wrong, and that it's idiot. Can he doesn't come armed with a stack of responses because she's not a Republican? So they're not teeing it up. I was with a friend having dinner over the weekend. Career military. Officer was talking about an interview he was doing. Coaching a a general for an interview with sixty minutes and the general sat down for an interview with sixty minutes for an Lesley Stahl for an hour and fifteen minutes from that one hour fifteen minute interview, they used they used one sound bite where the general said that there was a study that showed that African Americans aren't doing as well on land navigation courses as Caucasians. That was the only sound bite that the his from an hour and fifteen minute interview. That's why they wanted the interview to get this one. Gotcha. Gotcha. Because they were going to accuse the service of being racist. And everybody's racist accept them. They exterminate forty percent of the black population. Harvests their organs. Everybody else is a racist. It's kind of an amazing moral thing that that we witness, but they. Sixty minutes. People prepared the center of you to sit down with Alexandra custody Cortez. They asked her a couple of straight. Hey, the Washington Post give you four Pinocchio because they can't completely and utterly humiliating embarrass themselves by just engaging in one hundred percent fluff. If it's ninety seven percent fluffer nutter, but they can point to a question or two that make him sound like they're journalists than than they they feel better. I ask tough questions of AFC. No. You didn't interrupt or you can cut her off? It wasn't a Gotcha interview is a fluffer nutter interview. It was all about proper her up and helping to cajole her to where they want her to be. So they they asked say President Trump a races. So sure he's racist Charlottesville. The it's it's really it's all there. They've got Charlottesville. And that's it. And what did she say Neo Nazis, plural murdered now? One nineteen year old mental case crashed his car into a crowd of people in a horrible incident. And he was swarmed by club wielding, Mask-wearing lunatics within two seconds, two seconds count. The seconds watch the video of the lunatic creep killer hitting the crowd of people with this car. But they teed up. The isn't Trump a racist? Oh, yeah. He's arrested because the things that he says, okay? Like like, well, he was talking about the confederate monuments and how they're good people on both sides of the debate regarding confederate monuments, then that was taken by the news media out of context. Twisted an used against him. Hey, saying, these these white people are are good people these racist people it wasn't. But that doesn't matter. So sixty minutes CBS news. They went to the White House and said Alexandria, Cossio Cortez says you're a racist. Mr President, what do you say to that? Because it's all about the polemics that saw is just about the conflict and if it's race than it's even better because liberals love race and racial polarization. It's an old card and the socialist deck, but they've played all the time. So I went to the White House and ask for a response to this twenty eight year old calling the president a racist in response to the White House deputy press. Secretary told us congresswoman Okaz, yo Cortez's, sheer ignorance on the matter can't cover the fact that President Trump supported and past historic criminal Justice reform and has repeatedly condemned racism and bigotry in all forms. So the White House actually responded to sixty minutes with a written statement, and it was measured in kind of polite and the president didn't tweet about her because I would have been a different tone altogether. But this is just perpetuates at plants and nurtures the seeds that Republicans are racist. Forget about us. Democrats standing in school has doors. Forget about us Democrats in the soft bigotry of like speculation about forget about us Democrats and the Jim crow laws us and Jefferson Davis and the confederacy and Nathan Bedford Forrest and the clan. Forget that we are the party of bull Connor and and just forget about all that erase all that also pay. No attention to the fact that we literally exterminate forty percent of the black population in the womb, and we trade and barter in their organs. Forget about all of that. We're just here to tax you take away the first amendment the second amendment trample your right to practice your religion, free speech to sample there. They're in favor of themselves assembling, but not other guys. Isn't it? Great. So we've got now we've got eleven A B C D And the economy. This is this is Alexandria Cossio Cortes on the economy. Anybody saying the economy is going great? We are at record levels. There's a frustration. That says well. Unemployment is at record lows. I don't think that that's host the whole story. Oh, well wage growth is soaring African American unemployment rate the lowest ever Hispanic unemployment lowest ever women's unemployment rate. Low aren't these all your special interest groups by race and genitalia? Aren't you supposed to be supporting efforts that create positive results for African Americans Hispanics and women, and it doesn't tell the whole story? It's this is what these creepy. Democrats always do Pelosi was doing the other day. Well, it doesn't tell the whole story. Yeah. You're right. The stock market been a bit bumpy other than that really kind of record good times. But manderson doesn't push. The matter is is well now, wait a minute and start ticking off statistics ter- because he's a democrat. She's a democrat. They both despise attack undermine Republicans free market, people freedom-loving, people low tax people limited government people. And it's just it's by Roach at this point, they they don't have to talk through ahead of time. The economy's working for who she says. Well, for African Americans for Hispanics for people that want jobs for for women for people wanna see wage growth for people who want to pay less for gasoline. Now, Barack Obama's plan was that your electricity costs would skyrocket. Who does that help? Who does that hurt at doesn't hurt? Jeff bezos. He doesn't mind, you know, that hurts poor people who Democrats have been telling us for fifty years are disproportionately black and people of color PSE. So what President Trump is doing helps on all kinds of levels low energy costs Barack Obama high energy costs wanted high gasoline costs high electricity cross high natural gas costs that hurts the poor all of those efforts hurt the poor. And the Democrats will tell you when it's convenient to do. So that disproportionate number of poor people are people of color, so you're disproportionately hurting people of color. That's Barack Obama stated spoken out. Loud goal for the United States America when he was president to make life more difficult for poor people more expensive for poor people. President Trump didn't create the job growth and economic growth and the wage growth age. He didn't create any of this stuff. Trump did. And these people still every silver lining has a cloud and all that goes on socialism, Alexandria, Cossio Cortez. When people hear the word socialism, they think union Cuba Venezuela. Raila in that you have in mind. Silly. And my policies most closely resemble what we see in the UK in Norway in Finland and Sweden the UK in Norway and Finland and Sweden. Are they going to start paying for their own national defense? Are they going to build up military is capable of pushing back Russia and China and on and on are they going to pay us back all the money we spent on providing now at here, we go from Bloomberg June twenty-sixth to south two thousand eighteen now even Swedes are questioning the welfare state nationalists are getting support as more people complain about these sustainability of the cradle to grave system. With the maternity word when the maternity ward was closed at the hospital, and it is so left district northern Sweden earlier last year two thousand eighteen the nearest alternative was sixty miles away by road. So the local midwives decided to teach expected parents a new skill how to deliver a baby in a car. You know, why because they're shutting down their system nationwide of maternity clinics because they can't afford them anywhere. Paying some of the world's highest income. Tax rates has been the cornerstone of Scandinavia social contract, Bloomberg rights.

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