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I can guarantee gene and of course he is a a local guy from the grosse pointe erased come up with a book longitudinal latitude with attitude one man's quest to see the entire world of course it's author joins us here in the mitch albom show rufus mccaw first of all rufus thank you so much for joining us here on the mitch albom show welfare traveling on your show a for a pleasure to be here all right what what got into your mind to to a travel this far in to be right this book how how did this star well this started 0 for a number of reaffirmed for our called a passion for travel but uh of when i was very honored to my first still slow these class first textbook i was given i saw these pictures of the great wall of china the pyramids since i was only a fifth grade but i said to myself if their subway somehow i can see these things i would really like to do it and then the next step was uh a road trip uh with some buddies where we went out west that kind of fuel the players if you would uh the third saying i think was um i put a year end in vietnam with a fifth marines and it really brought home to me how precarious wife is that you'd better sees the moment if you have a goal you have a wish or just say or or something you why do you better grab it because uh before you know it uh wife can and so he put that altogether and i just love travelling i'd love seeing new and interesting places um i was so ceased teacher psycho bring it back and use it in the classroom and just one thing lead to another as i kept adding countries to my list every year every summer um i started to see that it was doable that i could maybe do every single country uh an area in the world and this past me uh i did it with a pretty dangerous trip uh going in the libya i literally stayed one step ahead of isis all the way as a leave their two days and it wasn't the grand tour but a.

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