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The vp will be touting tax reform at the america first policies event at the downtown renaissance hotel the speech is coinciding with the first day of the annual stonewall columbus pride festival and members of the lgbtq community have long criticized mike pence and his support of traditional marriage along with indiana's controversial religious freedom law dance party today is expected to get a big crowd downtown so big in fact that several blocks of gay street are gonna be closed off for it president trump says the just released inspector general's report is a disaster for former fbi director james comey another top officials within the agency including fbi official peter strasbourg i am amazed that peter struck is still at the fbi and so is everybody else that read that report and i'm not even talking about the report i'm talking about long before the report peter structured have been fired a long time ago report disclosed text messages between another fbi official lisa page in which struck worth that they would stop trump from becoming president g reports that former fbi director james comey acted with insubordinate behavior during the investigation into hillary clinton during the two thousand sixteen presidential election the report also said though it found no evidence of political bias a club is police officer could soon be off the job for paying for sex while he was on duty comes police chief kim jacob is right recommending officer randall mayhew be fired after an internal affairs investigation uncovered the misconduct may he was on desk duty ever since the allegations emerged two years ago the state has a new investigation underway into the rodent family case a relative of the rodent family was found dead in a wooded area of pike county this week that's according to the chillicothe gazette thirtyfive role violet road and taylor was found monday she's a cousin of one of the eight members of the road and the family that were found shot to death at three different homes back in april of two thousand sixteen at this point the pike county sheriff has not made a connection between the discovery this week and the.

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