Dr Jordan Peterson, Stephane Mulinuu, Rudolph Giuliani discussed on Louder With Crowder


Violate policy because our guests stephan mall new in dr jordan peterson ain't got nothing on me how a lot and accomplishments and things that they've done so they can speak more than three paragraphs yeah exactly without coughing up blood so they've accomplished a lot more of the stephane mulinuu we have dr jordan peterson on and we we got lucky we have former mayor rudolph giuliani oh wow talk about the reason scandal so you don't last minute and i'm still suffering from bronchitis everyone from me over encountering tells thoughts and we'll be talking also a lot about about this recent poll it's reuters i know there's been some controversy about statistically millennials becoming more conservative and of course trainings boy scouts the whole shebang producing with me in video studios always follow on twitter not get crowded with your comments it's photo shops we enjoy them not really fulfill obligations driving gluten we good we have gerald morgan at g morgan junior how are you sir excellent how are you what's one of the day is peer more ask me how you can just go into the today expect it but you ask me how i was so it's like i gotta do for us like back now now now yeah champagne here more lay sounds to me like you need to get more lay so computer overlays i'm ready yeah yeah good yeah good yeah damn it on musk was right about artificial intelligence good on the computer.

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