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A radio. Rachel. Sorry about that. How to get another sip coffee. Did you know the wallet hub has a story out today about the best coffee cities in the country? And that Pittsburgh comes in at number eighteen number eighteen in the entire country for coffee now, I don't know about you. I think that's really cool because when I think of cities and coffee, I think of obviously New York not only for just getting coffee. But because there are so many different cultures that are there and their particular take on coffee, you think about New York. And then you also think about Seattle with Starbucks saying Seattle's best in everything and then Portland Oregon's another one because of the proximity copy really big there, Chicago, I think Pittsburgh being in the top twenty is pretty impressive. It was also kind of surprised at when I was going through the rankings that. Cleveland is just terrible for coffee. If you like coffee do not move there. You gotta go someplace else almost any place. They're in Toledo to understand. Why Ohioans don't like their coffee because Columbus ranked really low as well. But Pittsburgh right up there. We'll talk more about that coming up a little bit later on. In fact, I have a post up on my Facebook page to about the places you like to go for coffee, and we'll give you more on that a little bit later today is national voter registration day. Are you registered to vote? Are you? It's surprises me that not everyone over eighteen is registered that doesn't make any sense. Why not be registered to vote especially in overwhelming numbers? I mean, there may be some outliers out there who say I don't care. It doesn't make a difference. I don't want to be involved, but especially in this day and age you think you'd have like ninety percent voter registration and crazy turnout. But apparently, it's just not the case. Well, what I wanna do is talk about that right now. And with me on the disk. Pittsburgh Newsline is Stephanie young communications director when we all vote. Stephanie welcomed the KKK radio. Good to have you. Thanks so much for having me special event happening this evening in Pittsburgh to encourage people to get registered to vote. Tell us about it. Yes. So what is a national nonpartisan nonprofit organization whose mission is to change the culture around, boating and increase participation in this election. But also in every election this initiative was launched by a co-chairs. Michelle Obama, Tom Hanks, Paul faith hill, and Tim McGraw and really excited about our week of action were in right now as you mentioned today national voter registration day, and what we decided why not make a week out of it and work with folks around the community around the country rather to host events on every community possible. So we have a Vincent almost every state over two thousand events at all came together in the course of three weeks just to register voters and have a conversation about voting and really excited about today in Pittsburgh more. We have our coach Tom Hanks who was here, and he is going to be joined by Pittsburgh Steelers running back, James. Conor Jim Rooney? Also Tomlin the head coach his wife as well. As the coach I believe will be there as well. And we'll be at soldiers and sailors memorial hall. You can come down and get register. But you can also hear from our great speakers, and you can get plugged into. When we all all the things that we're going to do over the next couple of weeks because but reg deadlines are fast approaching Pennsylvania's is October ninth. So we are your super duper excited about this event today because what we're trying to do is really energize the community and share with them, our main method, which is your voice is your vote and your vote is your power, and we don't want anyone seating their power to special interests or anyone else. Okay. Go ahead. I just wanna make sure we nailed down the issue of this evening at soldiers and sailors memorial hall, Fifth Avenue right here in Pittsburgh. It's still open for people who are interested in. I'm you realize there's only so many people that you could possibly fit into soldiers and sailors at one time is it still open for people who are interested to contact you and RSVP. Absolutely. It's still open and free to the public. You can't come on down. It's it starts at six PM, and they're still space. So I would encourage your listeners to they have some time this evening come on out. Meet Tom Hanks in some of the Steelers. Keynes's here. Okay. Very very good. And look this is a really really fun event. Once again, Stephanie young joining us communications director for when we all vote with their special event here in Pittsburgh. Stephanie, thank you very much for your time. No problem. Thanks for having me. So once again, Tom Hanks, Jim Rooney via Tomlin James Connor all going to be their free public rally happening tonight six thirty to eight thirty the event begins actually at six if you decide to arrive a little bit early. You can get more information we all dot vote forward slash Pittsburgh. And once again the event taking place at soldiers and sailors memorial hall forty-one forty-one Fifth Avenue right here in Pittsburgh. Radio with you as the radio dot com. Today and.

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