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All student employees on campus introducing new guidelines on inclusive language to be used at all time administrators saying if you use the wrong words you could potentially trigger her bad feelings in some customers Michigan state facilities manager is Sheena Ballack said quote raise your hand if you've ever said no problem did you ever think that was a trigger I say this all the time I never thought it could be a trigger but if I'm saying no problem that's leading a customer to believe that they could be a problem or they could be an inconvenience to you and we're just assuring them that they're not all how virtuous no problem out the window then Michigan say goes on to list triggers and calmer trigger words that may lead to bad feelings and what you should replace those words wet so here's a trigger it's our policy no no no no no here's a calmer here's what we can do trigger I apologize our I am truly sorry trigger I don't know comma find out and get back to you but calmer end know that you can say bought now this is just madness but the head of resident housing also says that the use of non gender languages out quote we live in a sex and gender binary world we all know that's just a social construction said Eduardo a levy L. so you can't use him or her it has to be very or what ever else the nuts come up with this PC madness is a totalitarian imposition it is a violation of freedom of speech everybody knows it okay should you're paying to go to the school and they walk in and they're told here's what you can and can't say so obviously dangerous Michigan State University should be ashamed our young lady was looking to buy her first home in Texas the market at her.

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