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Such a sweet to lovable animal and people would want to pet him and they'd come up and they'd get close to them. And it would be this instant, oh, my dad didn't wanna touch him. It's like you get the stinky dog away from me, even after we'd give her a bath. She would still stink very, stinky, both bad breath and bad gas. I asked the vet. And he said some dogs are just stinky does your dog, it's scratch stink or shed like crazy come dine invite for help. Y V, I T E dot com. The omega three fatty acids, flax seeds think you'll feel the digestive enzymes that are cooked out of regular dog food ingredients convinced me that it was definitely worse. Trying after about a week. He started smelling normal. My husband, and I were really kind of Stalinist bite is attrition. Eight five nine four two eight one thousand I N O V, I T E dot com. Newsradio twelve hundred w O a. I'd here we go calls for my guests day Politis first time caller Gwen in Pittsburgh. Hi, gwen. There. Thank you for letting me on your show. First of all, welcome. David. I have had many sleepless nights listening to everything about the missing persons. Like, it is one of the most unsettling things that I've heard in a long time. So good job on your findings. I wanted to talk about the Bigfoot thing. I actually think you're I really love how you're saying. How it's related to wild men. I feel like drones are also a bid way that we could find out more about wild men because there are Amazon tribe that were just discovered like for the first time with grown, and I feel like your ideas revolutionary, and I feel like within the next ten years. We'll definitely have an answer because it's drones. And my question to you is like to use drones near research at all. So drones are an interesting topic. But there was actually some teach D level people that thought that drones we're going to be good for finding Bigfoot that that was a complete bomb. So drones are never going to work for a big foot topic, the missing people topic they have used drones before on missing people. It hasn't worked real well, and you can't use a drone in a national park. It's against the law, and there's a huge fine. So probably won't happen. George go on to the next. Call had a question for you. And maybe you kind of touch on it for the people here your work on skin Walker ranch. The researchers there saw something very similar to a big foot. Can you tell me about that actually multiple times? It's more of that tribe that that in counters them they've seen them there. As long as they have lived there. There was a very, dramatic instance. I've got the transcripts of the interviews with the officers, and we went to the spot where it happened. But they the dogs there were police officers patrolling tribal Browns, they have a gift shop that's just off the highway there on the reservation, and the dogs alerted the officers to this huge thing that was just outside the window. And as soon as the dogs made a noise, and the this thing looked at the officers and shown a light on it. It took off running and it went all the way through the community, and you could hear it. I mean, it was just taking these giant strides. It knocked over garbage cans. Ahead alarms going off. And. Police officers chased it. I think they've they found some tracks. It led to there's a reservoir there. That's just on the other side of skin Walker ranch. And that's where they lost at it. Just kinda sorta disappeared they seen similar creatures on the ranch itself. I shouldn't call it big. But it's more like humanoids, and there's one particular instance, that we've described on the program before where these two scientists and two other people who were observers up on skin Walker rigid seen what looked like a dirty snowball of light that that was floating just off the off the ground in the middle. Homestead there on the ranch in it through infrared. You can see the the ball of light started stretching into what looked like a tunnel and through this tunnel this creature started crawling. They could see it. Can you guys? These guys were really excited seeing this thing it's coming from somewhere else in this tunnel of light wriggling through struggling to get through this Guinea little opening it pulls itself out. At the at the entrance to this this tunnel stands up. It's eight feet tall. Featureless dark humanoid shaped like ahead with no neck on a on a body. It's just stands up, and then starts moving up towards skin Walker ridge where these guys are watching it, and they can tell you. They got the hell out of there. They were very scared about the whole thing. But there have been multiple sightings of that. A by humans by scientists by dogs. The Detriot has the best handle on it and has seen it all over the UN to basin. So yeah, it's pretty common in that area. And of course, it's in proximity to a lot of other really strange stuff. So you have to ask the question about what is the association between these creatures? That are described in many different ways and a lot of other berry unusual phenomena, and we don't know west of the Rockies Kyle in Utah. I Kyle welcome to the program. How you doing? All right. On your mind. So I had you're talking about give it was talking about Joseph's Jillian Smith, the one who talked to Kane on his saddle. He saw Bigfoot it happened in eighteen o five. I'm sorry. Eighteen thirty five he was on his way to another calendar. Go prostate, and he was an apostle at time, not the prophet, and he he ran into Cain. And he described as a tall figure that was taller than a saddle. And. Yeah. Talk to Kane. Kane introduce yourself. He said, I'm a man, I'm cursing wonder here. And there in my goals, basically she wanted to make men misery destroyed their souls that you brought that up. I just thought in Mormon culture LVS coach that we have you know, there's two story really famous that story. Joe's Hugh is Joseph's nephew. No, his brother had an encounter Wesley Smith in Hawaii at the dedication, and then lay Hawaii temple in nineteen twenty one came came to read the doors of the temple and in his hand. Wesley Smith said that he that was the priest and to cast Kane out and he runs his hand and named Jesus Christ the king. And so it's interesting you say that because in our church, you know, like some people are really skeptical like a kind of hush hush. Let's talk about it. But as people continue to go on, you know, they're starting more accepted. But I was just wondering for David like, what's the disappearances? Can I be readings? But for a little while and stuff like do you think it's it's a big foot? He does he have any idea what's going on? 'cause like people are asking me, you know, like people know me to kind of be interested a little bit of this stuff. Well, let me tell you Kyle that everyone listening here to tonight is probably the the weirdo expert in their family. And then there are social social circle you, and and everyone listening is likely the go-to person in their own circles for information about these kind of topics Dave to begin with the Joseph Smith story is that a is that likely a Bigfoot type encountered or is that something else? Well, the description that that Smith gave was would match a Bigfoot. But then there's there's people who are researching this topic who believe that the big foot may be some nights some type of film from the bible. And when you read that there is some association there that makes some sense Scott carpenter another researcher in the big world has written a book about this. It's compelling, and there's there's some strong evidence that he's come across. That may join the two topics. You know, other things like in the Smith and sent the part that's unusual is that it came in and spoke to him. And he never said it mind spoke, but more like it spoke to him so hard to say, I don't know. But one thing like, this gentleman asked about my thoughts and things I've always stated that I'm a man of facts, all of my books are filled with facts. There aren't any opinions about what's going on. I allow you to come to your own opinion. And why do I do that? Because there are no facts to to establish any current pattern that points to one suspect when you look at the big foot world, there's nothing that points to an exact equation of what we're dealing with other than DNA. But again, if you stick with the facts and allow the public to come to their own thoughts, I have never met anybody who's read my eight books, and there have been thousands. That has come to me and said, I know exactly what's happening doesn't. And I should point out that you know, you did address. This maybe Kyle didn't hear it. But there are no credible stories in your view, a Bigfoot being responsible for for cutting people off as far as you know. No, no killing them. I think there's a story that John green wrote about a prospector that was taken in British Columbia where he took an affidavit from this man, and he was sleeping in a sleeping bag and one of these bipeds grabbed his bag and start walking with them for hours and ended up dumping him in a cave, and he was eventually escaped. But he said he saw this family of Bigfoot in the cave. And they kinda watched him and he kinda watch them. It's a it's a really really good story who and the individual at the time signed an affidavit, I followed Greenslade and said, this is a good way to document the stories I hear, and that's kinda how it came came to pass. I remember that story now. Yeah. That is a good one. Isn't there some other account in one of your book? Looks about a witness claiming to see a big foot type creature carrying a person through the forest. Then ring a bell. So there's a story out of Wyoming that I don't put much credence in it. Because the people didn't come forward, and they were doing something illegal, but a girl disappeared Wyoming and to people who were poaching. We're out in the woods. And they claimed that they saw Bigfoot carrying this body under its arm it appeared dead. So these people never came forward. I don't know who they are destroying was given to me from another big foot researcher. That's well well known and this guy was called supposedly by these two guys. And then he told me so it's third hand down the line. I would say might be true might not. But there's no evidence that it is. All right, east of the Rockies. Bob in Indiana. Good morning, Bob you're on with day. Politis? Thank you for taking my call miss her. Napa got two questions. One or Mr. Bill. Are your books on audio? No, sir. Okay. When you lost most your eyesight. It's it's a neat neat thing. Anyway. That's a good idea. You should put those books on audio debut should do that sometime if I could get you to narrate Georgia. Great. What kind of deal? What's your other question? They live in the forest. I wonder if they bury their dead and nobody's ever found a body in. You would think that one or more would have been struck by lightning. So good point. And when you talk to the native Americans some of them say that Bigfoot does bury their bodies. And when they bury him they put giant giant boulders on top. So that they'll never be disturbed another another story. I've heard is that they'll bury them in a river under giant rocks. And they'll carry the body out into the middle of the river. The put it under giant giant boulders in the river. It'll dissipate never be found. The idea is is that the bodies never touched. So could be true. I don't know. Thanks, bob. Appreciate it. Oh, we're going to Eric in Illinois on the wildcard line. Good morning. Eric. This is Eric the my control guy has everybody doing tonight. Doing. Well. What's on your mind? Anyway, I got a couple of things here. A lot of folks they kind of you know, what I refer to as he swaggering arrogance skeptics that make an effort not to believe in anything. And they always want to say how come you know, there's not more Bigfoot Shane well for one thing Bigfoot is just like any other resident of wilderness are always on the move. There are no match. They're always looking for their next meal. Just like gear raccoons possums anything. They're always on the move. And the other thing is when a lot of folks who are a witness to Bigfoot, they always say, there's this real putrid smell. And folks wonder why well I'll tell you what if you live your whole life, and he never took a bath or wash your teeth. You're going to smell funky, and I would say, you know, one thing Bigfoot needs to be reduced to is body wash shampoo and toothpaste, and then might not be so funky. I just wanted to throw that out there. All right. Dave thoughts on Bigfoot being nomadic from the witness reports do families stay in the same area. They move around. Well, you kind of touched on something that I that. I bring up a conferences, and it's really food for thought. First of all, I'm with you, George. I think the Patterson given film has never been debunked. Disney studios came out and said that they at that time they could have never made a costume that was as good as what was in that that segment, so it's a minute and a half segment in nineteen sixty seven I want everyone to think about what was the percentage of people in the wilderness in nineteen sixty seven that had the ability to take film of anything while they were in the wilderness. It was minute. Now think about today. Nobody has ever come close to taking video or film of a bit foot in the wilderness for a minute and a half. Like, they got on that PG film yet today, there's probably close to a hundred percent of everybody in the wilderness carrying a smartphone, which has the ability to catch that. So I want everyone to understand that. I do believe the Patterson film is real. But why haven't we caught this bipeds on film in that quality of a location and satement like they did in sixty seven..

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